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Airport Purchases

Let’s be honest, we all love doing a little brag about what we picked up at the airport purely because we’ve got it at a (somewhat tiny) discount compared to buying it normally. I’m no different, so I thought I’d share the beauty products I picked up when at Heathrow recently, and what my first impressions are. Eyes Urban Decay Eyeshadow in Half Baked £14: This is a beautiful gold shimmer colour that looks amazing swept over eyelids. I’ve only worn it to swatch it, but the colour payout is  ...

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The Gift of Giving

I know it sounds strange, but I think I’ve always somewhat preferred giving gifts, rather than receiving them. I’m not talking about when I was a child. When you’re a kid everything is about getting presents – the bigger the pile, the better. I think our parents had it easier than this generation will as your money went a lot further on gifts. Barbie’s and Polly Pockets and Sylvanian Families are now all extortionate in Toys’R’Us, and this is if kids even ask for these products anymore.  ...

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