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Healthy Lunchtime Recipe #2

A second healthy recipe from me, you can see my first here. This is a great meal to have after a workout as it has carbs for refuelling, chicken for protein, avocado for good fats and you can basically throw in any salad/ vegetables you fancy. Again, it’s another quick, ridiculously easy recipe to make. Ingredients: 1 wholemeal wrap 1 handful of spinach/ whatever salad leaves you can get your hands on 1 spring onion 1 tomato 1 big chunk of cucumber ½ an avocado 1 chicken breast 1 teaspoon  ...

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Healthy Lunchtime Recipe #1

I mentioned in my ‘Things I’ve Been…’ post that I’m currently obsessed with eggs, all day err’day. Even though, being honest, I’m a bit picky with eggs; I don’t like the white of them (which I know is actually the healthy part). I never eat the white on a fried egg (my best friend loves them, so she tends to get them whenever I’m around), I don’t eat the white on a dippy egg, or on a poached egg, I can’t eat egg mayonnaise purely because of all the lumpy white bits and when it comes  ...

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