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Why I Hate The ‘Clean Eating’ Movement

I hate the fact that ‘clean eating’ or ‘eating clean’ is popping up all over social media all of a sudden. The trend isn’t new, because clean eating is not real. There is no such thing as “clean” eating. There are no such things as “clean” foods. There are foods that are good for you, which we all know are good for us, but there are also food that aren’t as good for us. In my world, there is no “good” or “bad” food, I eat everything in moderation. The idea that people refer to food as  ...

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When Did Social Media Become Too Much?

This might be considered a bit of a controversial blog post, because I use social media a lot to share my blog posts and talk about random bits of crap, but I’ve noticed recently on my timeline, predominately on Facebook than Twitter and Instagram, that people are sharing every part of their lives. I’m talking about the bad parts of life, such as slagging people off, moaning about ex’s, moaning about life in general, sharing racial hate comments, sharing really inhumane images and videos.  ...

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