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Crosley Record Player & Collection

When I was younger, I discovered my mum’s record collection. I would sit and work my way through the dust covered boxes, being incredibly heavy handed and laughing at how old and HUGE they were compared to my cool, new minidisc player. That’s right, minidisc. If you don’t know what that is then shame on you. Fast forward to the age of 25, sorting through my wardrobe and once again I stumble upon these boxes of vinyls. This time, instead of turning my nose up at them, I sat, flicked through  ...

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Gym Playlist #1

I love hearing new suggestions for my gym playlist. I tend to do a mix of cardio/ weights whenever I go to the gym so I stick to music that is upbeat that I can a) run/ cross train/ cycle too and b) that keeps the beat for reps when I do weights. I also have a couple of cool down songs thrown in for the end of a workout. I add chart music, film soundtracks and any music suggestions to my spotify playlist and then, if I like them, I’ll download them onto my iPod/ iPhone. I always put them  ...

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