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Why I Work Out In The Morning

I am one of those foreign species that is often referred to as an “early riser”. I can get myself up at 5:30am and still function as a normal human being until about 9pm at night, where I turn into a zombie. I’m quick to point out that this isn’t every day, as weekends tend to be a 9am start at the earliest, but most weekdays I’m up at 5:30am/ 6am at the latest. Why I hear you ask? Because I prefer working out in the morning. I love the idea that when others have done a full day work and  ...

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Lent Is Officially Over – Let’s All Eat Cake!

It’s time to celebrate as LENT IS OFFICIALLY OVER. A massive congratulations to all of those who gave something important up this year. For those who didn’t read my start of Lent post (catch up here), I gave up pretty much everything sweet this year. This included chocolate, sweets, cakes, biscuits, cookies, ice cream, jellys, yoghurts, popcorn and anything else I enjoy. I also gave up crisps, as I was eating a lot of these, and mayonnaise, because I seemed to be having it with every meal I  ...

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Fitness On Trial: Oxygenetix & NeoStrata

I do not, I repeat, do not, wear make-up to the gym. It’s not something I would ever recommend doing, nor will I ever do it myself. I’m a firm believer that skin needs to be allowed to breath, and when you’re getting all sweaty at the gym, the last thing your pores need is make-up clogging them up and causing breakouts or discolouration. Now, I’m not hating on those that do wear make-up to the gym, I think you should do whatever you want to do when you go, but as a personal preference, I  ...

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