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Recipe #18 – GF & LF Mac N Cheese

Ah Mac N Cheese, you can’t really go wrong with a bowl full of the filling, gooey, mouth-watering pasta dish. That is, of course, unless you’re gluten intolerant or watching your waistline, in which case you can go really wrong with it, with some dishes whacking up to 1000 calories in one dish, with a ridiculously high fat content. This Gluten Free Mac N Cheese is made with Quark, which is basically a soft cheese alternative (think Philadelphia alternative) that is incredibly low in fat in  ...

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Christmas L’Afternoon Tea at B Bakery

This year, instead of doing a stupid amount of Christmas presents, my mum and I decided to treat each other to an experience. My choice was going to see Cinderella (which was amazing and well worth going to see, by the way) in London, and her choice was afternoon tea. We decided to book both experiences on the same day as we would be in London already and we could incorporate the two into a festive-filled day. The afternoon tea I picked was the Christmas Afternoon Tea at Brigit’s Bakery in  ...

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Recipe #16 – Three Mushroom Pasta

Normally I get my recipe inspiration from things I see or other recipes on the web, but this Three Mushroom Pasta is completely my own concoction and I’m pretty damn proud of it! I was mooching around Tesco the other day and I saw that they now sell little packs of exotic mushrooms. They looked so pretty that I knew I had to cook with them, so I picked up a couple of packs. I knew I wanted to do something with pasta as I’m a carb-fiend, but I didn’t want to go with the standard tomato based  ...

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