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Challenging Myself: Going Pescetarian for a Week

For those of you who aren’t aware of this series (it’s only the second one, so I don’t blame you if you’re not), you can read all about why I challenge myself here. Last week, I decided to follow a pescetarian diet for the working week. I actually found it pretty easy, as my mum is a pescetarian  (pessie moving forward as I have lazy fingers) so I usually follow the diet when I’m at home. I’ve listed what I ate on each day below, as well as how I felt at the end of the week compared to how  ...

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Personal: My Relationship With Food

*WARNING – This post contains embarrassing and at times, personal images of myself that I don’t often share with people as I’m actually pretty ashamed of them. What better way to put it in the past than whacking it on the internet for all to see, ay?* *WARNING #2 – This post is NOT about fat shaming, or skinny shaming, or any weight shaming at all. It’s a personal post that I wanted to share and I don’t want readers to think I’m fat shaming people  ...

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