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Shower Essentials In My Gym Bag

I like to shower as soon as possible after the gym, I hate the idea of the sweat you’ve just got rid of being left to dry and sucked back into your body and blocking all your pores (nice image for you there) – it’s just nasty. Therefore, I thought I’d share all the products I deem ‘essential’ for my post-gym shower. 1. Getting in the Shower This might sound weird to a lot of people, but I wear flip flops when showering at the gym. The amount of people who walk all over the shower room floor  ...

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All The Places You Need To Keep Lip Balm

One of many of my pet peeves of the colder season is that my lips always seem to take a beating from the cold weather. In a bid to stop this happening, I tend to keep lip balms all over the place. As much as it can be expensive (although you can, of course, buy cheaper lip balms to remedy this), it means I’m never caught short if I feel like my lips are drying out or chapping. There’s nothing worse than that feeling you have when you know your lips are about to crack and you don’t  ...

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