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Holiday 01.05 – 07.07

Hi all! Just a quick note to say that I am actually on holiday this week! I’m currently on a short break (6 days) to Cyprus for some much, MUCH needed TLC (and a bit of a tan too), and will be back late Saturday night, so regular blog writing and posting will resume then. Thanks for stopping by! Feel free to check out some older posts while you’re here J Thanks for reading, S x

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PR Advice

PR Advice #4 – First Impressions

When it comes to working with PRs as a blogger, first impressions count. The amount of bitchy posts I’ve seen from bloggers voicing their opinions about how PRs choosing who they do and don’t work with, it’s really not like that, and sometimes the assumptions really bug me. The majority of the time, we’re given briefs and guidelines of what we have to look for when considering working with a blogger, and a massive thing that comes up when pitching blogs to senior management for  ...

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Fitness On Trial: Weetabix Protein

I am a firm believer that breakfast helps to set you up for the day. I think I’m the only person I know who is obsessed with porridge (not even flavoured, plain, I add my own flavourings) so when I was asked if I would like to review the new Weetabix Protein*, I got far too excited. New breakfast cereal that’s also high in protein for after gym sessions!? Amazing. Why does the body need protein? You can find protein in every cell of your body. It literally helps to build you. Protein has a  ...

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