Yankee Candle Update

My summer candle was the medium sized Summer Scoop scent, which smelt like berry ice cream and it was incredible. When it starts to get warmer again (ha, no, I’m not thinking about summer already), I would definitely suggest investing if you want a fruity, sweet scent to fill your selected room.

Now it’s getting into autumn, I wanted a warmer scent, and what better than the smell of pastries from a bakery? Because GOD DAMN that’s what Pain Au Raisin smells like. When I went to Copenhagen, I had to (had to, it was a matter of life or death) get a cinnamon Danish from one of the (many) bakeries that lined the street and this candle smells EXACTLY like the bakery I went into. It’s sweet but not overly sweet and it’s strong enough that it will easily fill a room if you leave it running for over an hour. The only way you can properly describe the scent is if you go into Costco, order a Pain Au Raisin and stick your face in it, which I don’t recommend you doing (unless you’ve paid for it, in which case, go to town).

Copenhagen Danish

I bought this as the small version because sometimes I find candles smell different in their pots to when you light them, but this one smelt so good I had to go out and get the medium version to continue my love affair with the Pain Au Raisin Yankee candle.

Yankee Pain Au Raisin

Personally, I think the medium sized candles are actually the best size for Yankee Candle. It doesn’t take long for our senses to get used to something, and if I invest in the large versions sometimes I get bored with the scent and end up buying another one and it just feels like a waste of dollar dollar bills y’all.

You can pick up the medium sized Pain Au Raisin Yankee Candle from the Yankee Candle website for £18.99.

Do you have a favourite Yankee candle scent? Which would you recommend?

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S x


  1. Megan-Rose

    October 9, 2016 at 7:58 pm

    oooh! may have to try this, been looking for a more autumnal smell! xx

    1. Sophie

      October 11, 2016 at 1:08 pm

      It’s honestly amazing! I would definitely recommend xx

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