Travelling & Staying In Mexico

This time last week I was sitting on the beach, spraying myself with factor 15 oil, begging the sun to blast me. Today, I’m sat behind my desk at work trying to catch up on everything I’ve missed because of said sun-blasting. How much can happen in one little week!

I thought I’d share a couple of tips and advice for if you’re travelling to Mexico this year, nothing too wordy, but just a couple of points I wish I’d known before going. These are all tips from my three visits to Mexico, they’re not just from this year.

1) Prepare for the plane

It’s a nine-hour journey each way to and from Mexico, and sitting in a tiny cramped seat (no matter what Thomson tells you, they’re not bigger seats), elbow to elbow to the person next to you, you need to make sure you have enough entertainment. Movies on the plane are all great, but sometimes you need something more exciting. Pack plenty of books or, to save space, invest in a Kindle and load up, take your iPod for music, pack a pair of warm socks (comfier than travelling shoes), buy some magazines at the airport, always take a jacket (aeroplane air con is icelandic temperatures) and settle in for the long run. Once it’s over, they’ll feel like they flew by, during, they definitely don’t.

Mexico 1

2) Sun cream, after sun and mozzie spray

These are essential and incredibly important for Mexico. Mexican heat is totally different to UK heat, and dayum do you feel it. Make sure you take a high factor sun cream if you’re prone to burning, and plenty of it. If it’s inevitable you will burn, make sure you take a decent after sun. I can’t recommend P20 sun cream and Aloe Vera after sun enough; they were lifesavers for the beard and I this year. Mosquitos are little shits in Mexico, but the best repellent we found to actually work has to be bought out there. If you’re looking for one that truly works, I would recommend ‘Off’ spray, it can be purchased in more local stores and hotel shops. It looks like this.

Mexico 2

3) Research locations and hotels

There tends to be three different popular locations when booking a holiday to Mexico; Cancun (more of a party location), Riviera Cancun (outside of the main party area, but close enough to be able to travel into the centre cheaply) and Riviera Maya (about an hour from Cancun, very couple-y but beautiful). Depending on what you want from your holiday, make sure you research in the hotel in each of these areas. For Riviera Cancun, I would highly recommend the Hideaway at Royalton, for Riviera Cancun, I would recommend the Catalonia Riviera Maya Resort & Spa in Riviera Maya.

Xplor 1

Xplor 2

Xplor 3

4) Do the excursions

With Thomson, I have gone on the following excursions in Mexico; Dolphins, Coco Bongos, Captain Hook Dinner, Swimming with Turtles, Coba Mayan Traditions, Speedboat Explorer, Whale Sharks, Cirque Du Soleil and Xplor By Fire. I would definitely recommend ALL of the above, but please, please, PLEASE make sure you check with your reps in regards to transport (getting to and from whatever you decide to do), weather, any additional items needed (money, medication etc) and, if possible, take a look at what you want to do before you go out there, so you can be prepared. Most of the prices are in dollars or pesos when you book in Mexico, so if the exchange rate is rubbish you’re more screwed than booking at home.

Mexico 3

5) Enjoy everything

Whether it’s the abundance of fresh fruit and veg, freshly caught fish or a variety of meats cooked in a ridiculous amount of ways – eat everything. Although it might be raining, be sure to head out, Mexico showers only last a few minutes max – you can stay in your room at home. Hotel beaches sometimes hold hidden treasures, such as turtles nesting and wild animals such as coatis pottering about – make sure you explore. Jump in and out of the sea, run around on the sand, dive into the pool, eat and drink your weight in food and beverages and enjoy every minute of it, it’s over so quickly and you have to savour it all.

Thanks for reading,

S x

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