This Month I’ve Been #7:


THE FACT I GO ON HOLIDAY THIS MONTH. July was a really, really stressful month for me and there was definitely more than one breakdown per week, so I’m looking forward to going away this month and having two weeks to just relax. I’m also heading to Nottingham for a night out with my girls so it feels like it’s definitely going to be a better month.



Lack of sleep. The heat this month (no, I’m not moaning about the temperature before anyone jumps on the British moaning about the weather bandwagon) has meant that sleeping in the evening was a nightmare and it reminded me of how ratty and mean I get when I’m sleep deprived.


Really well again! I’m being quite strict with myself because of holiday next month but I’m still indulging in a cheat meal once a week. I’m also trying to cut down on fruit. I had a really bad IBS flare up this month (stress related I thought), so I went to see my doctor with a food diary and he told me to cut down on the amount of fruit I was eating. Turns out, 5 a day is great, more than that can increase sugar levels in your body and cause bloating. This, teamed with IBS, makes for one hell of an uncomfortable experience.


I’ve started my long distance running again, and got myself back up to 7 miles this month. I’m going to try and increase the distance by .5 of a mile every time I run but I’ll wait and see on this one. I forgot how much I love just being out on the road with my own thoughts and music, it puts me in such a good mood.


Bringing me nicely on to this one from the above, I made a major schoolboy after my first big run (6.5 miles) and forgot to keep hydrated. What ensued was one of the WORST headaches I’ve had in a long time. Note to self – must drink bugger loads after running. I also mentioned last month that I was going on a drinking ban from the 23rd. However, that little thing called life got in the way and multiple celebrations in a short space of time means this won’t be happening. I’m just going to cut it out completely bar special occasions. I also tried out Soya milk this month to see if I would like it and the answer is a firm no. I had a couple of really uncomfortable days and the only thing I had changed in my eating habits was the soya addition instead of almond milk for breakfast. I’ve since cut this out and gone back to almond milk and my belly is happy again.


I visited Copenhagen at the beginning of this month (read about it here, and see pictures here, here and here) and then I’m off to Nottingham on the 6th August and then Mexico on the 24th! It’s a busy month for travelling this month.


Love Island has finished, which is so depressing, but Ex on the Beach is back as is TOWIE so my monthly intake of TV shit is still happening. What I’m more excited about, however, is that Suicide Squad is scheduled for release on the 5th August. I will 100% be going to see this when it comes out.


This month was amazing in terms of books! I read both Me Before You and After You, both were good, the first was better. BUT, something even better was that my friend put out a FB status, which is here:


I clicked ‘Like’ straight away and I’ve now received five new books to read! I sent the person I was nominated for ‘Alice In Wonderland’ as it’s one of my faves, and I got back Murder on the Orient Express by Agatha Christie, Love in the Time of Cholera by Gabriel Garcia Marquez, The Five People You Meet in Heaven by Mitch Albom and The God of Small Things by Arundhati Roy. The most amazing this is that the Agatha Christie novel arrived from Paris! Amazing how far a simple hashtag can reach.


Listening To

I made a Disney Spotify playlist. I can’t actually believe I hadn’t done this before but I listen to it almost every day at work. It’s incredible. I can’t help but bob about when ‘Zero to Hero’ comes on.

Looking Forward To

My shopping weekend! The spending ban is OFFICIALLY over next month, I’ve got a shopping wish list the length of my arm (gonna have to reign that sucker in a bit) and I’m going to get everything I want for holiday in one mammoth weekend. Oxford Street, come at me.

Thanks for reading,
S x

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