This Month I’ve Been #6:


My holiday countdowns! I head to Copenhagen tomorrow for the weekend, and then in August I’m off to Mexico with the beard and ALL THE EXCITEMENT. If anyone has any suggestions/recommendations for Copenhagen, please let me know. I also got a new piercing this month! I’ve been desperate to get my Daith pierced for ages, but was too chicken to do it. I took the plunge the other week and I love it, the only issue I have is that I can’t wear in-ear headphones anymore! Anyone else have this problem?!



The weather. I know that everyone has been complaining about this recently but I hate it for a different reason to most. I don’t care about the rain, or the fact it’s not sunny, I just hate the humidity! I naturally have very curly hair and at the moment I can have straight hair, walk the mile to work and suddenly be in ringlets. It’s doing my head in.


Breakfast for dinner. Who doesn’t love breakfast for dinner? I’m talking a full English, or poached egg on toast or even cereal. I love it. I’ve also rekindled my love with my Nutri Bullet, and have been making protein smoothies to chow down on after the gym. It makes such a massive difference to drink them after a workout compared to the banana I was eating before. My fave is spinach, berrys, almond milk and my rocky road protein powder – makes it taste like black forest gateau!



My new programme is going well, you might’ve read my post here on why I gave up the Emily Skye plan, but so far I’m two weeks into the Jamie Eason’s LifeFit Trainer and it’s really good. It’s keeping me interested and I’m feeling the burn (so cringey saying that) whenever I work out.

I was also treated to trying out the Bannatyne’s gym in Luton, as the beard booked me a spa day there. Not going to lie – the gym is beautiful. State of the art equipment, a massive free weights area which wasn’t full of meatheads (who knew that existed?!) and so much cardio equipment (with built-in TVs!) it made me want to cry! The spa was lovely too, I had a full body massage and expert facial and fell asleep during both (I’ve never had that happen before). I then had a swim, steam and sauna and it was just a lovely morning.



Not a lot actually, I’ve only had a couple of drinks this month after a couple of busy weeks at work, but apart from that I’ve avoided alcohol. I’m going to go on a drinking ban from the 23rd July – 23rd August as I go on my summer holidays on the 24th August. I’m looking forward to a proper detox as I know Mexico will be boozy (mojitos on tap? Come at me).


As mentioned above, I’m off to Copenhagen tomorrow and I’m SO excited about it. I’ve heard so much about the place that it’ll be good to experience it all first hand. I’ll make sure to take a lot of pictures to share with you when I’m back.



Love Island is back on screen and I don’t care if you judge me, I love it. By far, Cara and Nathan are my favourite couple. I’ve also been watching Game of Thrones and I don’t even want to get started on the Battle of the Barstards, HOW GOOD WAS IT. I literally held my breath when Jon Snow was getting stampeded. Also, I’ve started watching Peaky Blinders after a recommendation from the beard and I really like it, definitely worth a watch if you’re looking for something new on Netflix.


I’ve read so much recently that I decided it would be easier if I shared a post with my book recommendations. I also got the new Lean in 15 cookbook and all the recipes are so simple and idiot-proof that I can’t wait to start making some!

Listening To

I watched Straight Outta Compton again the other day and forgot how much I loved the soundtrack. I’m definitely going to get the vinyl version of the NWA album next month.

Looking Forward To

My spending ban being over. It’s only just started, but I refuse to spend any money in July. With Copenhagen and Mexico all my money needs to be saved, so I’m being very strict with myself, unless it’s food, or something I run out of (I’ve had to order some new green tea tablets), I will not buy anything new. As I’ve mentioned Copenhagen/ Mexico a few times already it’s obvious I’m very excited for them. I’m also heading back up to Nottingham in August to see my uni girls which is very needed and long overdue!

Thanks for reading,
S x

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