This month I’ve been #4:

OH HEYYYYYYY. I’m back from holiday. This is going to be a holiday themed post as I only got back two days ago!

This Month April

Loving: Holiday! I only got back from Cyprus in the early hours of Saturday night but it was lovely to get away and just spend a week just relaxing, reading, swimming, snorkelling and spending hours doing what I wanted to do.

Hating: This is pretty standard, but I guess it’s being back home. I always hate coming away from holiday as I miss doing sweet FA with my days, but at the same time I miss some of the routines that I have at home. I was so excited to come back and have a GIANT mug of green tea. I guess that’s the great thing about holidays, though. You appreciate every moment because you know it’s only for a couple of weeks. It has made me very excited for my holiday to Mexico in August though.

Eating: Amazing Cypriot food. Seriously, the food was amazing out there. I didn’t really steer from the norm in terms of breakfast – yoghurt and granola or oatmeal with fresh fruit. We didn’t have lunch as we only booked half board but dinner was normally a buffet featuring a ‘theme’ as well as traditional Cypriot dishes. Everyday I ate amazing salads, freshly cooked vegetables and beautifully cooked meat and fish. Yes, the hotel had chips and bread etc to eat but who actually wants to eat this stuff when there is so much amazing fresh local food to try?!

This Month April1

Exercising: As the beds weren’t the most comfortable on holiday (understatement) and the air con didn’t work, I woke early most days so visited the gym in the hotel in the mornings. It was far too hot for cardio, so I just did upper and lower body with the minimal amount of weights they had, and two sessions of HIIT. I went rock climbing everyday too which was so much fun and didn’t even feel like cardio (check out my sweaty pic above).

Drinking: MOJITOS. I had one mojito every night on holibobs and it was amazing, so much so that I bought myself a bottle of Gordon’s Dry Gin at the airport so I could make some at home.

Watching: This is more of a ‘month wide’ post as I didn’t watch any TV on holiday (it was bliss). So I’m still desperately trying to finish GOT (I’m on season 5 episode 3), apart from that it’s just the usual – Geordie Shore, Catfish and Awkward. Does anyone else watch Awkward? Anyone else sick of the repetitive storyline?!

Reading: I read four books in the space of six days AND IT FELT SO GOOD. I’m so glad I got a decent amount of reading done this week. For those who are interested, I read:

The Taxidermist’s Daughter – Kate Mosse

A slow starter but got better towards the end – mysterious thriller that keeps you guessing right til the end

Warm Bodies – Isaac Marion

You’ve probably seen the film without releasing it was a book first – very easy and quick to read romcom with a twist

The Lie Tree – Frances Hardinge

It’s popular on the must-read lists going around at the mo – difficult to put down thriller, really enjoyed this one!

Down the Rabbit Hole: Curious Adventures and Cautionary Tales of a Former Playboy Bunny – Holly Madison

I don’t know why I bought this one, it was genuinely rubbish. It reads as if it’s a bitter ex-girlfriend trying to justify her behavior after being slated publicly. Avoid!

Listening To: Not much different really – I’ve added a couple of Skepta tunes to my Gym Spotify playlist and I’m loving it

Looking Forward To: May! It’s the beard’s birthday this month and I have a couple of things planned, so I’m looking forward to them all

Thanks for reading,

S x


  1. yasmin

    May 10, 2016 at 5:22 pm

    Cute little post! Glad you had a good holiday, well done for reading so much!! I love when I get through lots of books.

    Y x |

    1. Sophie

      May 11, 2016 at 11:08 am

      I never make time to read so to get through so many in a week was great! It’s definitely encouraged me to read more xx

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