This Month I’ve Been #2



How I’ve been feeling recently. I’ve really sorted myself out this year in terms of healthy eating, exercising, budgeting and work and it’s making me feel really good. Nothing like sorting your life out a bit to make you feel like a well-functioning adult.


Chinese Whispers. Not the game, but in the adult life. I hate how someone says one small, flyaway comment and it snowballs into something so much bigger through a bunch of he says/ she says. When you’re young the game is hilarious, when you’re older it can be really damaging.


My brother cooked the beard and I slow-cooked lamb the other day in red wine, mushrooms, shallots and meat stock. He cooked it for about six hours, to the point you could literally pull it off the bone with your fingers, and it was incredible.


Still going to the gym five times a week, I’ve started to go in the mornings before work again and it’s definitely a routine I prefer. Not only does it set me up for the day but by the time 5:30pm rolls around I can literally get in, eat and go to bed. I’m also changing gyms this week. My old gym was just rubbish and the lack of space and decent equipment meant my workouts were often effected and, ultimately, shorter. I’m also really enjoying the fact it’s getting lighter in the mornings, it makes running early so much more safe and the views you get are pretty decent too! (Main picture)


Mojitos. Don’t think I’ll ever stop drinking them. I tried a pomegranate one this weekend from All Bar One and it was amazing.


London a bit more for a change. I held a blogger event last week (Thursday 25th) and walked from Euston to Bond Street and back again in the evening and I forgot how much I liked walking around it. I also went to Escape Entertainment London this weekend for the Beard’s brothers birthday and will be doing a full blog post on it shortly.


I FINALLY FINISHED MAKING A MURDERER, and oh my DAYS all the questions. How are US cops so corrupt? How can he honestly have gone down for it? What is Brendan’s problem? WHO ACTUALLY DID IT?! Ex on the Beach is still going strong this month (Megan is a nob) and I’ve upped it with even more crap TV in the form of Ibiza Weekender. I love Imogen.


Has taken a back seat this month which I am gutted about. Work has been so manic and I’ve been busy literally every single weekend so down time was pretty much non-existent. I will read a book by the end of next month though.

Listening To

My Crosley Record Player and a Johnny Cash album the Beard bought me for Christmas. I don’t know what it is about Johnny Cash but his voice is just beautiful and completely chills me out. The album I’m loving at the moment is this one.

Looking Forward To

Quite a few things this month. I’m having a platelet test done at the Blood Donor Centre this weekend to see if I can give platelets (I gave blood in January), I’m going out for dinner with a lot of old friends this month and it’s only a month until my birthday – so I’m starting to look forward to that as well!

Thanks for reading,
S x

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