This Month I’ve Been #10

Come find out what I’ve been up to this month…

Whats New 10


Getting organised. It’s been a long (and poor) month, so I’ve used the time to sort out a new gym plan, try out some new recipes and try to organise (long overdue) paperwork. I bought this ridiculously cute Little Black Book Address Book from Paperchase to transfer all my addresses and contacts in. I think it’s part of the Valentine’s Day range referring to a “little black book (of f**k buddies in the words of Samantha  Jones). For me, I just liked how compact and pretty the inside was (I’m so old now).


For the past five days I have been couch/bed-bound with a stomach infection and it has literally wiped me out. I haven’t really slept, I haven’t eat properly in days and I feel so drained. It all started with a chill, then turned into nausea/ migraine and it’s settled into being a horrible, horrible stomach infection. If it could disappear soon, that would be great.

Whats New 10


Sweet potato toast (SPT), porridge and homemade wrap pizzas have been inhaled this month. I love that all three can be topped with whatever ingredients you have lying around the house, without the need for anything fancy. I’ll be sharing my favourite SPT and porridge toppings soon.


Really well, post-Christmas (and now pre-sickness) I went back to the gym and I feel just as fit and healthy as before the Christmas food and alcohol bingeing. Last weekend I started the Kayla Istines BBG programme and I’m SO excited to see the results from it. I’ve taken my first progress pics already- why did no one tell me it’s one of the most unflattering things you’ll ever do?


More than usual this month. There’s been some stressful days which have required a glass of wine/ cider in the evening to help relieve some of the stresses. More will be revealed on why things have been so stressful shortly.


Nowhere. Honestly, I’ve been a recluse and hermit this month. No fancy weekends away, no fun-filled locations, just work, home and gym. I was still in Manchester until the 2nd January, so does that count as visiting somewhere this month? Probably not, as all the beard and I did is wake up and drive home.


The Walking Dead. I’ve just finished season five and I’m excited for season six! I’ve also upped my film game, watching Suicide Squad, Finding Dory and Legend (Tom Hardy, come at me). Unfortunately, for me to be a normal functioning human being after an early rise I have to have an early bed time, so TV has taken a back burner.


I actually managed to do some reading this month! I read, and finished, The Widow by Fiona Barton, which is a really easy read, but gripping at the same time. I’m currently reading a book on Pablo Escobar which, being honest, is boring, but I hate not finishing a book I’ve started. My friend lent me the Great Gatsby for after though, which I’m excited to start.

Listening To

I’ve been LOVING Ed Sheeran’s new tracks, and I have the Bruno Mars album on repeat because, guess what? The beard bought me tickets to go and see him for my birthday in April! Need to learn all the words so I can recite them perfectly. If only I could learn how to be funky at the same time.

Whats New 10

Looking Forward To

Payday. Who isn’t, this month?! Having a healthy-ish bank account is going to make me feel better, but I find January a depressing month regardless, so it’ll be good to put it behind us.

What have you been up to this month?

Thanks for reading,

S x

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