This Month I’ve Been #1



The cold weather. It’s finally starting to feel and look like winter, and I love it. Looking outside and seeing ice covering everything just makes everything look so much prettier. I also love the feeling you get when you get into a warm bed when it’s so cold staying up, my electric blanket has helped me get through some of the colder nights and warming soup and porridge are the perfect low cal options on cold work days.


The cold weather. As much as there are aspects I love about the minus temperatures, there are also things I don’t like. I hate leaving my house 10 minutes earlier to clear my car windows in the morning, wearing a ridiculous amount of layers which means I struggle to walk, sliding on ice when I don’t notice it and and trying (and failing) to ensure my skin/hair/lips don’t fall apart in the icy conditions.


Egg everything for some reason. Cheap and quick to cook, I’ve had them in tonnes of variations; poached, fried, scrambled, dippy style, in salad, on toast, with pasta etc etc. My favourite meal this month was (post workout): Poached egg, avocado, spinach and ham on top of seeded brown bread- amazing.


My boyfriend and I have started running together twice a week, and we’ve managed to hit the six mile mark each time we’ve run. My aim would be to continue to improve this next month. I’ve been doing weekly/ twice weekly spin classes and I’ve also started alternating Sunday Spin with a Body Pump class, to make sure I’m working different muscle groups.


So.Much.Green.Tea. I’m not a fan of warm drinks, so fruit tea and hot chocolate are usually my only options and, as I’m trying to watch what I eat, hot chocolate is out.


My boyfriend booked a lovely overnight spa break for me and two friends in Nottingham this month and it was such a relaxing and rejuvenating trip. I had my first ever back massage and I have to say, it’s converted me, I’ll be having them (hopefully) every 6-8 weeks moving forward!


Making A Murderer (started last week, don’t tell me any spoilers), Pretty Little Liars and American Horror Story on Netflix. Ex on the Beach and How To Lose Weight Well on TV. Have you watched HTLWW? It’s such a good insight into the fad diets that are currently in mainstream culture. You can catch up on 4OD.


Frances Kray – The Tragic Bride. I’m definitely going to be buying Legend as soon as I get paid. I also bought the Joe Wicks – Lean in 15 book and I’ll be trying out some of his recipes soon.

Listening To:

New gym playlist on Spotify, you can see a selection of songs from it here.

Looking Forward To:

Payday. Sounds cliché but this has been a loooooong month, and I’m excited to actually have a healthy bank balance again!

Thanks for reading,

S x

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