This Month I’ve Been #9


The fact that Christmas is next month, teamed with how organised I am this year. I know it sounds mental to some (quite a few, actually), but I like to get my Christmas shopping done as early as possible. A trip to Bicester Village, a visit to Milton Keynes and a couple of hours online shopping meant I was done within one day. Boom. I hate spending the month of December wrapping presents and worrying about what I’m going to get who, so I like to get it all out the way so I can spend the entire month feeling festive.

Xmas Wrapping


The lack of money that the above brings. I’ve been planning for NYE month’s in advance, so that’s taken care of. But November was present buying, NYE finalising, car insurance AND car service all in one month. My poor bank account.


Really, really well this month. The beard and I are both on a health-kick and we’re encouraging each other to eat well. We also encourage each other in indulge once a week. Last week was Pizza Hut’s new garlic and herb stuffed crust (even thinking about it makes me dribble), this weeks was Millie’s Cookies for dessert.

RWL Wobble To Model


I’m over halfway through the Results with Lucy Wobble to Model plan (read here and here) and so far I’m enjoying it. I do miss incorporating more (and heavier) weights into my daily workouts, however I have enjoyed the freedom of working out at home or in the gym with this plan.


The Costa Christmas Hot Chocolates. Last year I was all about the black forest, this year I am obsessed with the Toasted Marshmallow. Soy milk, no cream, it’s heaven in a cup. Is it just me that thinks the Black Forest tastes different this year? I’m also hating the fruit cherry that has to come on top, not in the cup (due to choking hazards apparently), bring back the cherry sauce!

Uni Girls


Bicester Village was a nice, purse-damaging morning out, as was a trip to Milton Keynes. My favourite though was my uni girls visiting me this month, as it’s usually me going to Nottingham! My girls came down and we went out in Watford for the first time in forever and I had a right laugh. Prysm (the nightclub) is a dump though. Definitely not recommended!


THE WALKING DEAD. Can we all just take a moment to appreciate how late I am to this party? I don’t even care though, I’d rather late than never. The beard and I started watching about a month ago and we’ve just finished season three and ALL THE DEATHS and ALL THE DRAMAS it’s just amazing. This, teamed with Planet Earth II (love you David), Westworld and the return of Geordie Shore (hate me all you want), makes me a very happy bunny.


Not a lot. I’m genuinely gutted as I wanted to start reading more again and I just haven’t found the time. I’ve bought myself a book on Pablo Escobar though so hopefully this will encourage me to keep reading.

Listening To

The beard bought me the Bruno Mars album this month and I love it. I find it very 80s, and described it to my mum as the soundtrack for a modern Pretty Woman. If anyone has listened to it and agrees/ gets what I mean – let me know.

Looking Forward To

SO MUCH THIS MONTH. This Thursday is the 1st December, so my mum and I eat a ridiculously amount of Christmassy food and watch a Christmas film (this year is The Muppets Christmas Carol), this weekend I’ve got my work Christmas party, followed by going to Nottingham to see my uni lot again. Next weekend I’m going for afternoon tea, followed by Cinderella in London, followed by a trip to Winter Wonderland. In between I have lunch and dinner dates with friends and then, of course, it’s the Christmas countdown which includes Christmas Eve planning and then the day itself. After that, I’ve sorted NYEs and NYD for the beard and I this year so I’m looking forward to it.

This month is going to go SO quickly (which is gutting) but I’m excited for everything that’s going on.

Thanks for reading,
S x

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