The Book of Mormon

I know Christmas feels like months and months ago, but it wasn’t, so I still feel like I’m allowed to talk about it.

This year, I bought my mum theatre tickets to go and see The Book of Mormon at the Prince of Wales theatre in London post-Christmas. This actually turned out to be a great idea, as it gave us both something to look forward to during the first week back at work.


I’d heard so many good things about the show that I knew my mum and I would like it.

We arrived by 7:15pm, as the show started at 7.30pm. Firstly, to get a negative out of the way, if you’re going to the theatre, please, please, PLEASE arrive on time. I can’t stress this enough. It’s not like the cinema where you get half an hour of adverts when the show is supposed to start, if it gives you a start time on the ticket, that is the time it actually starts, and it’s really annoying when you have to stand up and fanny about when the show has begun because some people have to be late to everything.


Annoyance over, in terms of the plot I really don’t want to give too much away. It really is an absolutely brilliant show, and it should be seen to really understand the humour and story.

The plot is simple, it follows the journey of Mormon missionaries and what they are tasked to do as a young man within the religion. There are too many spoilers if I go into any further detail, which is what makes it so difficult to write about it (sorry!).


The cast were amazing – a mix of UK and US – and there wasn’t a single character that I didn’t love. It wasn’t a massive cast either, with many actors doubling up parts, but this actually made it funnier.

I have to stress, this is a rude play. It’s written by a couple of the writers of South Park, so you had to go in expecting rude language, inappropriate scenarios and a couple of those ‘you can’t say that’ moments. However, they’ve managed to team it with some brilliant playwright and a hilarious storyline. It’s just the right balance that it doesn’t become crude or cringeworthy.

You can get some really decent deals on theatre tickets in London and other areas with websites like, and I would seriously recommend going to see The Book of Mormon, and I’d go and see it again if I had the chance.

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