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Recipe #19 – Three Ingredient Protein Pancakes

When I get in from a workout, I normally want protein, and I want it fuss-free. These three ingredient protein pancakes are the perfect post-workout meal, they’re stupidly easy to make and they taste amazing.

This is the basic recipe, but they can be topped with pretty much whatever you like. I like mine with yoghurt and fruit, but you can top with Nutella, bacon, maple syrup, peanut butter – whatever you need to satisfy any craving you might have.

Ingredients (makes 2):

1 Medium Sized Banana

2 Medium Eggs

1 Scoop Protein Powder (I use MyProtein Vanilla Whey)

1 Tsp Coconut Oil


  • Bowl
  • Frying Pan
  • Fork
  • Plate
  • Hob
  • Spatula


Protein Pancakes

1) Break your banana up into a bowl and mash with a fork until it starts to resemble scrambled eggs. It’s inevitable that there will still be lumps, but you won’t taste these when cooked.

2) Put your saucepan on the hob and add your coconut oil. Turn onto a medium heat and let the coconut oil melt.

3) To your banana mush, add your eggs and whisk until it starts to look like uncooked scrambled eggs (yum, I know).

Protein Pancakes

4) Add your protein powder and mix well. The powder will make the mixture thicken slightly.

Protein Pancakes

5) Return to the hob and move the saucepan around so the oil coats all of the pan. Tip in half your mixture. Leave to cook for about three minutes, or until you are able to pick your pancake up with your spatula and flip it. If it starts to fall apart when you’re moving it around it’s not ready yet.

6) Remove, and place on your plate. Repeat the process for the second pancake.

7) Top with whatever you want, and serve!

Protein Pancakes

You can also amend the recipe slightly if you want to add more flavour. You don’t have to use vanilla protein, most protein flavours work well if it’s a sweet dish – I’ve heard chocolate is meant to be very good. Additionally, throw in some fresh or frozen berries, or nut butter, into the mixture and fry to add a sweet crunch.

As always, let me know if you try it!

Thanks for reading,

S x


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