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As I’m hoping to buy a house this year I’ve been on the eye out for cheap but cute things that I would like to have with me when I get a place (and for where I am now, too, if I’m being honest!)

I used to spend a fortune on things I liked for the home at places like John Lewis, then I noticed all the supermarkets were upping their game in the home departments and a Homesense opened up in Watford (which I can’t leave without buying something).

I’ve picked up some really pretty pieces recently which were all under a tenner and I though that I would share them with you.

Home Snippets1Home Snippets2Homesense

I love Homesense. You have to go in not expecting to find anything and then you’ll find EVERYTHING you want for a home. The vintage-inspired Mickey Mouse tin was too cute not to pick up, I have no idea what to use it for but I’ll find something, and it was a bargain for £3.99. My mum actually picked up the Le Creuset Kettle, which I am so jealous over. It was £35 and there was only one in the entire shop so I really wish I’d picked it up first. Another vintage-inspired find was this Bird’s Custard Powder utensil holder (£4.99), which I’m going to use to hold my makeup brushes, I just love the vibrancy of the colours and the bold fonts. Finally, I picked up this very gimmicky Avocado peeler and I love it! It was only £1.99 and it scoops and cuts ripe Avocado in one easy swoop.

Home Snippets3

Lakeland & WH Smith

Not quite homeware purchases but I couldn’t miss these out. I recently bought a slow cooker and I’m obsessed by how easy it is to make amazing meals in one pot. The Hamlyn 200 slow cooker recipe book was 50% off in WH Smith and only cost me £2.50, there are so many recipes I want to try out soon! The Pouring Cake Kit is from Lakeland and cost, I think, £9.98 (odd pricing). I’ve seen these ‘floating’ cakes all over Pinterest and I’m desperate to try this out. It’s basically a stand to put your cake on and then a structure for you to build your ‘float’ around. It’s reusable, which is great, but I can’t actually try it out until Lent is over and I can lick the cake bowl again.

Home Snippets4


This. THIS. It’s just, amazing. I’m obsessed with salted caramel anyway so when I saw this at 50% off, down to £2, and the fact it’s limited edition I had to snap one up. This doesn’t just fill a room- my entire bottom floor of my house smells of it and it lasts for ages without the scent disappearing. As it is limited edition you need to go and get one ASAP. It’s a must-have if you’re a salted caramel fan. It’s currently sold out online unfortunately.

Home Snippets5


Last but not least, my bargain purchase from Sainsbury’s. I’ve been thinking about what I eat recently and realised (if you read my relationship with food post) that changing my diet was a big part of my weight loss. I picked up two of these pasta bowls from Sainsbury’s as they were down to £1.75 each. Each bowl is hand-painted and has an Emma Bridgewater style Spotty design, but what I liked most about them is they’re a decent size so you don’t end up eating your weight in pasta! It’s still a filling portion, though.

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