My Obsession With Photographs

Nope, I’m not talking about blog photography. Until I have the time and the money to invest in props and white spaces and amazing lighting and equipment these will always be a pain in the arse for me, but never mind.

Photographs 1

I mean I have an obsession with real, physical photos. I constantly get photographs printed; whether it’s from a big occasion, a night out or a happy memory, I print everything out and keep it.

What started as having the odd photo album has now turned into the extreme where I now have a photo box full of photos. Whenever I get a new bunch printed, I put these into the box for safe-keeping and it means they’re all kept in one place. As much as I love organised photos, I also love grabbing a handful from the box and looking through them to remember when each was taken.

Photographs 2

I print all my photos off the app ‘LALALAB’ as I love the old polaroid effect you can get them printed in. To help jog my old lady memory (I joke, I joke), I also add a small caption onto each, which is normally the occasion/date/ location.

My love for photos was also part of the reason that I started scrapbooking. I had so many photos, and so many keepsakes from different occasions that I wanted to highlight my favourites in the nicest way possible, which is why I like updating my scrapbook with new events.

So, why the obsession and why do I feel the need to share this with you guys? Well, for me, photos are such a visual way to relive a time from the past, which are (usually) all fond memories. (I don’t really know why you would print a photo from a bad memory but each to their own. Maybe as a learning curve? Anyway…) It doesn’t matter if it was a week ago, a month ago or a year ago, it helps to transport you back to that moment of time and really live in it all over again. I will never stop printing my photos, they’re so precious to me and I have them literally everywhere. I’ve got photos in frames, photos on my mirror, photos on the wall and now, thanks to my Fujifilm Instax Mini, I now also have them in my purse. THERE’S NO ESCAPING.

Photographs 3

They act as a real pick-me-up if I’m feeling low, or if I’m missing friends or if I have holiday blues or for whatever reason, taking a trip down memory lane and looking through photos never fails to put a smile on my face. As autumn hits us and it gets colder and more nights are spent in than out, why don’t you start printing and collating photos, photo boxes or albums of your own? Photo gifts also make amazing presents for birthdays or the upcoming C-word season too!

Thanks for reading,
S x

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