My Disneyland Paris Advice and Tips #1

I first went to Disneyland Paris in 2002, when I was 12 years old. Since then, I’ve been a grand total of 7/8 times – I’ve actually lost count of how many times I’ve been. I’ve stayed in the Hotel New York, Newport Bay and Sequoia Lodge at least twice each, so I think I’m a pretty good source of information for travelling there.

I’ve pulled together a list of my top tips and advice for travelling to Disneyland Paris. Please note, this is from an adult’s POV, not a kid’s. I have no idea how you would survive with children in Disney if I’m being honest.

Originally I had this as one post, however it turned into a 5-page blog post and 2,000 words so I thought I’d split it up to make it easier to read.



  1. Offers/ Deals

Disneyland Paris tend to send offers out at least twice a year offering 2 nights 2 days free for selected dates. It’s usually in January/ July and this offer is amazing, the cost some people pay for a 5 day holiday to the place and others are only paying the same as a 3 day holiday as they waited.

Advice: Wait for this email, you get so much more for your money and the cost doesn’t feel as dear.

2. Time of Year

Think about the time of year you’re going. Remember Bank Holidays/ School Holidays are different in France to home. Also, think about Seasons, Disneyland Paris put on special shows depending on what Season you’re going in.

Advice: Favourite time of mine to go is Halloween or Christmas, you really can’t beat Disney at Christmas.



  1. Eurostar/ Flights are both as easy as each other

Perks of going via Eurostar is that you can pay for Disney Express, which means you can leave your luggage at the train station and go straight into the parks. Your bags will be in your room when you check-in later.

Advice: Don’t pay the extra. Walk out the train station, get a shuttle to your hotel, check in, freshen up, leave your bags and then stroll through Disney Village before you get into the parks, it build up the excitement so much more.

Flying was a new experience for me when I went in 2014 but it was really easy! We flew from Luton direct to Paris, and then got the train to Disneyland. I wouldn’t recommend this, as it was confusing and a nightmare. However, on the way back we were notified of the Disney Express, a coach service which picks you up from the airport and takes you directly to your hotel at a cost of £30 each – about the same amount as train fare. It was so easy to do that I would totally recommend it. Flying was actually cheaper than the Eurostar (however I spent ALOT more in duty free…)



  1. Checking-in

Always been super easy and straight forward for me. You give them your booking confirmation, they then give you room key, a pool pass, breakfast reservation times and your park ticket.

Advice: Check-in is normally after 3pm, but you can normally check-in early if you’re travelling off-peak.

Advice: If you lose your ticket, DO NOT PANIC. This has happened to me before, we went to the front desk and they replaced it free of charge. Just try not to lose it, the panic that sets in when you do puts a real dampener on the day.

2. Checking-out

If you haven’t charged anything to your room is literally a case of put your room keys in a check-out box. It’s seriously that easy.

Advice: Do not charge things to your room whenever possible. Don’t touch the mini bars, don’t put meals onto it, just pay cash to save hassle.


Rooms/ Hotels

  1. Rooms

Pretty standard really if you don’t pay for an upgrade. I’ve stayed in 3 of the Disney Hotels and they all follow the same pattern; double/twin bed, TV with about 2 English Channels (Disney and News), bathroom with toilet, shower and bath. Take your own hairdryer if you need it, they do have mini shampoos and conditioners but that’s about the only freebie you’ll get from the hotel.

Advice: Don’t waste your money on an upgrade. I can’t stress this enough but you literally spend NO time in your room if you’re a true Disney fan, and whatever time you do spend is usually sleeping. Not worth it.

2. Hotels

Usually consist of the following: reception desk, 1 x buffet and 1 x A La Carte restaurants (both are buffet style for breakfast), a hotel shop, a kiddy area, a pool, a conference room and a bar/ lounge area. Breakfast is normally continental except Hotel New York (although I can only speak for the hotels I’ve stayed at). Each hotel has a free shuttle service to take you to the parks.

Advice: My favourite hotels are Hotel New York (a bit more expensive) and Sequoia (mid-range), I find Newport is nice, but it’s just a little too big

Advice: Don’t take the shuttle buses, these take forever to come round and are usually rammed so it’s better to walk.

Advice: Sit in the lounge/ bar area to have a drink. I only recently discovered it and it’s lovely to just sit back in the evening and people watch, especially if the parks aren’t open late and you don’t want to spend a lot of money. Sequoia is my favourite for this as it’s all log-cabin-esque in decoration.


Disney Village/ Shopping

  1. Disney Village

One of my favourite things to do in Disneyland Paris in the evening is mooch around the shops. There are so many, from a massive Disney Store style-shop we have over here, to one that sells little bits of memorabilia and collectibles to clothes stores and more. Have a wander through on your first evening and just take it all in. Every year I pick up a key ring, pen and shot glass as I collect them.

2. Disney Parks

There are shops literally all over the place in the parks/ studios, as well as being on Main Street (park) and the Backlot (studios). The shops dotted around the place are usually themed to the area you’re currently in and you can normally pick up some great souvenirs.

Advice: Walk through the Village before going to the parks as sometimes the Park/ Studio have products the Village don’t have. It’s rare, but it does happen.

Advice: Save your shopping for the last day, you don’t want to constantly be carrying bags into the park/ onto the rides as it’s a hassle.

Advice: The Disney Park/ Studio offer a free delivery service for your purchases if you don’t want to carry them around. They can deliver to your hotel or to a shop in the Village and you can pick it up same day up to 12pm. Well worth doing if you purchase a big item and don’t want to carry it around all day.

This is the end of part 1! Part 2 will be coming same time next week.

Thanks for reading,

S x

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