My 26th Birthday





I don’t know what happened to Niall’s shirt in this photo but it made me laugh so I kept it in.




On 16th April (Saturday) I turned 26. It was, unfortunately, the first birthday I haven’t been excited about for a bunch of different reasons, but also because I am now on the wrong side of 25 – it’s depressing but I’m going to accept it and attempt to move forward in ages with dignity (ahem).

I thought I was going to spend the evening with my boyfriend, go out for dinner and maybe had a couple of drinks. Instead, my best friend and the beard conspired against me and organised an evening of surprises which included getting my friends down from Nottingham (which I didn’t know about), organising for us to take part in another Escape Room, sorting dinner and drinks in a restaurant with another friend who had just got back from travelling, booking tickets to a comedy club and sorting it all out without me knowing a thing.

I can’t actually stress enough how overwhelmed I was with it all. Everything was so well planned, the amount of effort and timing that must’ve gone into it far exceeded what I was worth and I felt so unbelievably spoilt and thankful to my friends.

This blog is a bit of a ‘thank you’ post, as I know they’re going to read it, so to everyone who I saw, spoke to, came along or who just wished my happy birthday, thank you for making me feel so special on my birthday.

Thanks for reading,

S x

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