Holiday Prep

It’s FINALLY here! This month (24 days today, to be precise) I go on holiday to Mexico for two amazing weeks and saying I’m excited is an understatement.


It’s crunch time for me as these last couple of weeks are the last ditch attempt to ensure I feel slightly confident in a bikini. Therefore, I’ve vowed to do the following for prep:


I upped my gym routine in May as I didn’t want to be stupid with my workouts or take it to a dangerous level of OTT’ing at the gym, but this month I’ll be working out five times per week (this includes weights and cardio (not both every day though)).


I’m cutting out sweet treats altogether. Back onto fruit and yoghurt for desserts and watching my intake of sugar. Apart from that, my every day diet is pretty healthy so I’m happy continuing the way I am.


I normally steer clear of alcohol for the month before I go away as I know how much I usually drink on holiday, but this year I haven’t been able to due to lots of celebrations. I’m going to majorly limit my alcohol intake, and try to only drink on special occasions (uni reunion on the 6th will definitely be an exception).


I have been saving my bum off for this holiday as the beard and I want to do some excursions while we’re out there, and I need to pick up a couple of bits for when we’re out there. I’ve been really, really good with saving over the past couple of months so this will be my treat month.


I’ve got a shopping weekend planned where I’m going to get everything I need in one swoop. I’ve set myself a budget for it too so won’t go overboard (I did this last year, my bank blocked my card due to ‘unusual activity’ on the day!)


My hair has been booked in for months, I’ve got my waxing appointment all sorted and I’ll be doing my own nails this month as I tested out Blue Sky Gel Nails before and they more than go the distance. I won’t be getting my lash extensions this month (they just didn’t last last year), but I’ve bought four pairs of false lashes for when I want a bold evening look.


I’m packing the weekend before I go, to make sure that I’ve got time to buy any last minute bits and bobs without being in a major panic. I’m pretty OCD with my holiday packing though, so I’ll be really surprised if I have forgotten anything!

And that’s about it! I’ve got handovers at work, and still 24 days to go but I know this time will go quickly, so I need to make sure I’m organised!

Do you have a holiday routine? Anything you feel like I’ve forgotten?

Thanks for reading,

S x

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