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You might remember a while ago me expressing my love for all things burgers in this blog post. I thought I’d continue the trend with a short review of the Five Guys in Milton Keynes.

I think I must be one of the last people in the London area who hasn’t tried a Five Guys. I’m always put off by the massive queues in the London branches for something that I thought was just an average burger.

But, it’s not just an average burger. In my opinion, it was a damn tasty, no frills burger which tasted really fresh and really good.

Five Guys 2

This is how it works, you go in and pick your ‘base’ burger – they serve other bits but I haven’t tried these so the focus is going to be the burgers – which vary from a plain hamburger (£6.75) to a Bacon Cheeseburger (£8.75). You then pick whatever toppings you want, for free. This includes Lettuce, Onions, Tomato, Mushrooms, Ketchup, Mayo, BBQ sauce and more. They’re all free, so you can literally have every single on if you want (which I almost did). On top of this, you can add extras such as cheese, another patty, bacon or you can remove the bun if you’re doing a carb-free diet. After this, add fries (chose between normal or Cajun fries) and a drink.

Size wise, I opted for the ‘little’ fries, which I thought would only be about a handful and I was very, very wrong. The chain serves American sizing as it’s an American franchise, so I couldn’t even finish half the little fries that I was given. The biggest size, which the Beard got, was easily enough to feed about three people.

Five Guys 1

The drinks are amazing. They’re one-size cups and you can refill as much as you want. They have old-school style Coke machines and these are full of basically every drink you could want – Coke, Fanta, Still Fanta, 7Up – and have over 100 different varieties including different flavours that I had never even heard of! I had Still Fanta in the Grape flavour and it was so, so good.

It’s not as cheap as some places, with a meal coming to about £12, but I think the quality and the taste make them worth it. In the Milton Keynes branch you can literally watch them make your burger from start to finish and it’s piping hot when you get it. Much better than some of the crappier, bigger burger chains out there.

You can find the website, and your nearest Five Guys store, on the website here. Even better news? There’s one opening in my native Watford soon too!

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