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A couple of weeks ago the Beard and I went into London to celebrate his brother’s birthday. To mark the occasion, his brother had organised for six of us to go to Escape Entertainment London and then onto Bodean’s for dinner and drinks. I’d heard so much about the Escape Rooms in London so was desperate to try one out. Essentially, you’re locked in a room with a bunch of puzzles to work out in a limited amount of time. If you get out in the allotted time, you did it, if you don’t, you fail. I DO NOT FAIL.

For those of you unfamiliar with the company itself, Escape Entertainment London offers two different games of ‘Escape Rooms’ – Bank Heist and Prohibition Pandemonium. We had booked into the Bank Heist, which is described as the following:

In this adventure, we ask you to rob the crown jewels from the bank. We have hacked their security cameras, providing you a small window of opportunity. Find the clues and solves the puzzles to get one step closer to breaking into the vault! 60 minutes…the clock is ticking.


You can book in for however many people are in your party, but each room fits a minimum of two and a maximum of six, so be aware of this if you are booking a large party. When you enter the venue, which is tucked down a side road about three minutes walk from Bank station, you sign in and enter an underground waiting area. In this area, there are tables that have mini mind puzzle games to pass the time (nice touch). A host will then run through the rules of what is going to happen, what you can and can’t do when in the rooms and he will also give you an outline of the situation you are heading into. You’re then split up into your teams and shown through to your designated room.


I’m not going to give away any tips for once you are inside the room as it’s not fair, but it becomes manic. You have 60 minutes to work through a ridiculous amount of physical puzzles and mind games to ensure that you get the code to get yourselves back out of the room before the 60 minutes is up. We managed to get out the room in just over 50 minutes, and we all felt pretty damn brainy once we had left!


It was great to see how well we all worked together and it also highlighted the different ways that each individual’s brain worked. Some of us were very methodical, some more physical and others were creative, and we could all see and work things out that others couldn’t. It definitely showcased strengths and weaknesses but the great thing is, when there was a weakness, we worked as a team to find out if it was someone else’s strength and it always was, so we could swap roles and jobs when we needed to.

If you’re looking for something a bit different for an occasion or if you’d just like to test your brain power, then I would definitely recommend booking in and going along, it’s a real laugh.

I was going to do a review on Bodean’s in this post, as I normally love it, but we had a nightmare visit at the Tower Hill location. Food came out lukewarm, everyone’s orders came out about 10 minutes apart, we weren’t asked if we wanted any drinks for the entire meal, we were charged for things we didn’t order and finally, after having the bill sorted (it went back and forward a few times), the waiter made a smart arse remark as we were leaving. Really not the level of service I expected from Bodean’s and 100% I would not recommend visiting this particular branch. BOYCOTT.

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