My Current Favourite Tech Accessory

I am a ‘The Simpsons’ lover through and through. I love a bit of Family Guy, American Dad, South Park, but my heart will always lie with The Simpsons. I don’t know if it’s because I’ve grown up with the programme or because I still find it funny after a stupid amount of seasons but either way, I love it.

The Simpsons

I was literally gob-smacked when I saw a recent email come through from Skinny Dip London shouting about it’s new ‘The Simpsons Undressed’ range. I pretty much want every single piece from the collection, and I’m seriously debating shelling out for the Moe Pillow Make Up Bag, but I’m not sure I can justify it with Christmas coming up.

What I did get my hands on, though, was the Mr Burns Call Me Case. I am obsessed with this case. Seriously. I don’t know if it’s the fact that it’s so wrong it’s right, or that the fact it looks so vulgar that it’s funny but I couldn’t stop myself from buying it.

The Simpsons

It is a bright baby pink silicone case, which features a bit image of Mr Burns chilling in a dressing gown on the phone. Basically, it has everything I dislike about phone cases (parts are bigger than the phone itself, is made from horrible feeling silicone and makes the phone look chunky) but for some reason, all these horrible features are overlooked by the fact I can’t seem to fault it.

You can buy it for £18, which I think is pretty costly considering delivery needs to be added if you spend less than £20. The bigger, more practical Moe make up bag I want is only £16, but I couldn’t stop my fingers from hitting the ‘pay now’ button.

This is my current my favourite accessory, beating headphones, speakers and Fitbit. I love it and I have no idea why.

Moe Pillow Make Up Bag – you’re next.

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