Christmas L’Afternoon Tea at B Bakery

This year, instead of doing a stupid amount of Christmas presents, my mum and I decided to treat each other to an experience. My choice was going to see Cinderella (which was amazing and well worth going to see, by the way) in London, and her choice was afternoon tea.

Afternoon Tea

We decided to book both experiences on the same day as we would be in London already and we could incorporate the two into a festive-filled day.

The afternoon tea I picked was the Christmas Afternoon Tea at Brigit’s Bakery in Covent Garden. It’s a beautiful shop/ cafe with a Parisian-style theme running through it.

My mum is a vegetarian, and I am Gluten Free whenever possible (if I eat gluten, I suffer), and both dietary requirements were catered for amazingly. I completely forgot to mention this when booking so ended up dropping them an email three days before we were due in and they were fine with it – nothing seemed to be a problem for the staff.

Afternoon Tea

When we arrived, we were greeted by a host and showed to our Christmas-themed table; Christmas crackers on our plates, candy canes in our tea cups and the menu reminding us which goodies were on their way.

Afternoon Tea

Shortly after, we were presented with a glass of freshly squeezed orange juice, along with our glass of prosecco each. We were then asked which hot drink we would like. You can choose from tea, coffee, green tea, fruit tea and they even had a Christmas spiced tea which I now wish I’d had. If you don’t like these drinks, they also do hot chocolate, or you can swap your hot drink for a large glass of juice.

Afternoon Tea

Once our tea was bought over, in our own individual teapots, we were left to chat for about 10 minutes. My tea was in a tea bag, but my mums was loose tea in a holder and it smelt incredible (she had the red tea, which was a mix of berries).

Afternoon Tea

By this point, we were starving, and the afternoon tea arrived just on time. I had a separate plate of sandwiches as mine were gluten free, but I was so happy to see that I had my own selection of pretty gluten free cakes as well! The top plate on the picture above were all gluten free.

Afternoon Tea

The sandwiches tasted amazing. I had turkey club, ham and cheese, pesto and (I think) prosciutto and cream cheese and cucumber. My mum had a selection of cheese and fish, as well as vegetable quiches/ cakes.

Afternoon Tea

The cakes were incredible. They all tasted freshly made and were so good to eat. I don’t know exactly what each on was, but to try and describe them, I had: a passion fruit tart, a black forest pot, a macaron, a chocolate and caramel tart and my absolute favourite, a cream, custard, coconut and raspberry cake thing, which had gold flakes on it and was one of those sweet treats I could’ve eaten hundreds of.

After a short break, we were given a small scone (trust me, you can’t handle much more) which, again, was gluten free, and a pot of fresh cream and jam.

You have a two-hour slot booked for your tea, and we left after about an hour and a half (fast eaters…) but it was plenty of time. I can’t stress enough how much I loved the bakery and the food, and it was well worth the price. It cost £36 per person, and there were no additional costs for dietary requirements. The bakery does afternoon tea throughout the year, so make sure to visit the website if you’re interested in going.

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