9 Things I Love About Christmas

There is an abundance of things that I love about Christmas, but I didn’t want to write a stupidly long blog post, so decided to stick to a well-rounded nine.

Love Christmas

1) That warm fuzzy Christmas feeling

The only time of year I get that feeling that isn’t related to food or the beard (soppy bastard). I love how happy everyone is at this time of year, it makes me feel good.

2) Christmas Food

Christmas tree shaped cookies, santa hat topped cupcakes, mulled wine, mulled cider, picky/ party food. You name it, I love it. It’s the one time of the year that food can literally be applied to any gathering or occasion and this always makes me happy.

Love Christmas

3) Christmas Clothing

Wrapping up with thick coats/ jumpers/ scarves and gloves is one of my favourite things about this time of year. I also love a Christmas jumper as much as the next person, and when these come out full throttle it’s always entertaining to see what choice people have gone for. This year, one of my absolute must-haves in terms of clothing were these Grinch pyjamas from Primark. They cost a bragain price of £14 for a 3/4 sleeve top and long bottoms.

4) Seeing Friends and Family

I use the Christmas season as a time to catch up with friends and family I don’t get to see that much during the year (again, mainly over food). It’s nice to catch up over warming grub and good alcohol all in a toasty environment.

Love Christmas

5) Christmas Films

Elf, The Muppets Christmas Carol, The Family Man, Frozen, The Grinch, The Santa Clause- I love Christmas films. I like to watch at least two per week at least (usually more) to get me set up for the Christmas season.

6) Christmas Parties

Professional or personal, you can’t go wrong with a Christmas party. Crappy secret santa gifts, good company and laughing until my face hurts is normally guaranteed at any Christmas party I go to.

7) The Festive Fitness Countdown

My main goal in terms of fitness during December is to just. keep. going. I like to push myself really hard during December so I’m able to enjoy all the festivities that I go to. If I have a pudding at a meal, an extra drink when out and about or want to pig out on a Christmas sandwich instead of a healthy salad, I don’t want to feel guilty for any of it.

8) Winter Wonderland

Taking me to Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park at Christmas time is like letting a kid go wild in a candy store. I go mental. I love all the decorations, the rides, the food and the drink and it properly gets me in the festive spirit. We’re going on the 10th December this year, are you planning on going?

9) Prepping for Christmas Eve

For my family, Christmas Eve is almost as important as the day itself. We like to plan the day so we get the most out of it and, with it being a Saturday, we’re all off work this year which makes it 10x better. Christmas food, Christmas films and playing PS3 is already on the agenda!

What do you love about Christmas?

Thanks for reading,

S x

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