7 Things I Wish I Hadn’t Done At University

My Timehop app seems to be a daily reminder of some of the things I wish I hadn’t done at university.

I loved university. I went to Nottingham Trent from 2008 – 2011 and it was one of the best experiences of my life. However, with all life experiences, there are highs points and some lows, so I thought I’d share some of the things I wish I hadn’t done, with you.

Things At Uni

  1. Used (pretty much) a bottle of fake tan per week. I get a constant reminder of this thanks to the photos of me either looking a) bright orange or b) streaky where it had started to wear off. I feel I should’ve embraced the pale and interesting look from the beginning OR learnt how to apply it properly.Things At Uni
  2. Eaten my body weight in pasta on a daily basis. This, teamed with also eating an ‘Ocean’ burger (only students of NTU and UoN will know about the love for these burgers), normally on the floor, nearly every Wednesday meant my weight BALLOONED. Obviously I’ve reigned it in now, but the love of carbs and burgers bit my (rather large) arse in a vengeance.Things At Uni
  3. Drank my body weight in alcohol on a daily basis. It wasn’t uncommon to have at least one drink per day at uni. A glass of wine here and there, or a multiple triples-for-singles on nights out were my downfall. Hello early leaving, puking, binge eating and feeling like crap the morning after on many occasions.Things At Uni
  4. Skipped 70% of morning lectures. A slightly more serious one. I wish I had paid more attention to the actual point of going to uni. I always think if I’d gone to more lectures/ seminars could I have got a better result than what I did? You’re so wrapped up in making friends, enjoying yourself and spending your ‘free’ money (boy, did I learn about that with a student loan and overdraft when I left), that you forget that you’re there to, ultimately, learn.Things At Uni
  5. Spent my student bursary on everything in Topshop. The bursary money I spent in Topshop definitely could’ve been put to better use. Things like food were pushed aside when there was a massive Topshop in the area. I wish I’d been a bit more money-savvy whilst at uni. I learnt by the third year, but to begin with I spent money like it was unlimited.Things At Uni
  6. Some particularly awful fashion choices. Just damn with this one. Bright red eyeshadow, going as a ‘bin bag’ at Halloween (desperate times), sky high heels I couldn’t walk it, tiny dresses I couldn’t breathe in. I cringe and shudder at the thought of some of my choices.Things At Uni
  7. Put up with crappy landlords. Another serious one, and one for those at uni now. I had a really shitty landlord in my last year of uni. My BFF and I both had mould in our rooms, we were forced to move out for a month and the landlord still demanded all of our rent. We felt we couldn’t really do anything about it but of course you can. I wouldn’t put up with it now, and I shouldn’t have then. If you have any problems with your landlord, always, always, speak to your student services. They will have someone who can help.

Things At Uni

Things At Uni

However, in spite of the above, I wouldn’t have changed my university experience for the world. For the entire three years, although there were low points, I had the best time. I made some amazing, lifelong friends, I got a degree, I lived life away from home and I made the most of the experience. I have some unforgettable memories which will stay with my forever and I’m so grateful that I could go, and I’m so proud of myself for doing the hard work to 1) get into university in the first place and 2) make it through the three years and coming out with a 2:1 degree!

Did you go to uni? What were your errors?

Thanks for reading,

S x

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