5 Things I Loved In April

I decided to change my monthly post from things I’ve been up to, to things I’ve been loving. Not for any real reason bar the fact I found the other monthly posts boring to read and if I find them boring to write, then I assume that you lovely lot find them boring to read.

Therefore, here are five things I’ve loved in April:


My Birthday

Obviously I’m going to love the fact it’s my birthday month – HAPPY 27TH BIRTHDAY TO ME. I got spoilt once again (I’m a lucky bunny), and the gifts have stopped yet, as I’m booked in for a new tattoo on the 13th of May too! This year, I turned 27 on Easter Sunday, which leads quite nicely onto number two on this list.


Lent Being Over

The fact lent finishing fell on my birthday made me very happy this year, as it meant I could indulge in cake – and indulge I did. The downside was the sudden influx of sugar, after having no refined sugar for 40 days, meant my belly HATED me for about a week. I’ve since had to reduce the amount of unrefined sugar I’m eating to try and make my stomach love me again.


Bruno Mars

One of my Christmas presents from the beard last year were tickets for my mum and I to go and see Bruno Mars. IT WAS INCREDIBLE. I think Bruno (first name basis) is such a performer anyway so knew the show was going to be good but I wasn’t prepared for how amazing it was. Think fire, gold confetti, strobe lights – the lot. I’m so glad I got to see him.


Spring Dog Walks

The brighter nights and random bits of sunshine means that the beard and I can walk the dogs later in the evening. All the spring flowers are popping up and it makes walking through the woods so pretty. It’s weird to think that there is so much countryside just outside of Luton.


Borough Market

One of my bests came down this month and it meant that I FINALLY got to visit Borough Market and OH MY DAYS it was heaven. The amount of tasters and treats I tried meant that breakfast was off the menu, but I had an amazing gluten free sausage bap whilst I was there and came away with some amazing local honey. If you haven’t been but visit London a lot, make sure you take a detour to this place – it’s amazing!

What have you been up to this month? Is there any stand out moment for you?

Thanks for reading,

S x

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