19 Things We’re Guilty Of Doing (But Won’t Admit To)

Sometimes, in life, we do things that we shouldn’t. I don’t actually think we should be ashamed of these things, as some of them are really funny, but we still won’t openly admit it.

I wanted to share some of the things that I’ve been guilty of first hand, as well as what others have confessed anonymously.

1 – Farting and blaming it on the dog/ cat/ parrot/ nearest person to you

2 – Farting on public transport

3 – Lying about portion size on MyFitnessPal. 30g of cereal will never be enough

4 – Pretending to drink that third shot of tequila and actually throwing it over your shoulder

5 – Not being arsed about brushing your teeth at some point

6 – Peeing in the shower

7 – Peeing in a swimming pool

8 – Peeing in the sea

9 – Smelling an item of clothing as you’re not sure if it’s clean. Wearing it regardless

10 – Buying healthy cookbooks when realistically you’ll never make anything from them as you’ve not even heard of half the healthy ingredients

11 – Eating mouldy bread/ cheese and convincing yourself it’s ok because you’ve cut the mould off. Still tastes like dirt

12 – Telling a friend they look good when they don’t, so you look better than them when you go out

13 – Sending a ‘whoops that wasn’t for you’ message to a friend/ loved one/ partner because you’ve seen they’ve read your previous one and haven’t replied

14 – Facebook stalked anyone and everyone

15 – Weighing yourself when dressed and taking off 15lbs because your clothing is apparently that heavy

16 – Eating/ drinking something that you know doesn’t belong to you and blaming everyone else when confronted

17 – Having a cheat meal turn into a cheat decade

18 – Leaving hair unwashed for a week

19 – Leaving legs/ armpits/ brows hairy for as long as possible to see how long they get

I don’t really know why I’ve picked 19, but it seemed right to stop at that point before I got carried away and people start guessing which ones I do (FYI, I genuinely don’t do all of these, some I obv do though).

Have you got any secret confessions to share?

Thanks for reading,

S x

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