16 Weird And Wonderful Facts About Me

#1 I don’t like wearing shoes, if I can go barefoot, I’m much happier

#2 Being totally honest, I love being nakey over wearing clothes. Birthday Suit is the way forward

#3 I love removing make-up. As I don’t wear it often, I like the process of removing it and seeing my skin all squeaky clean

#4 I HATE it when people pick off my plate. I beg you try it and see what happens

#5 I used to be hardcore emo. Seriously, black hair with super-long extensions and brightly coloured bow, teamed with matching eyeshadow and heavy liner. I obviously don’t follow that trend anymore but I still like the music (Funeral For A Friend, come at me)


#6 I hate the word moist. And I don’t find it funny when people say it to me after they find this out

#7 I don’t mind mixing light sauce with dark sauce, but I hate mixing dark sauce in light sauce. Ketchup in mayo, no no no, mayo in ketchup, yes yes yes

#8 I really like cooking, but I’m rubbish at it. I’m alright at baking

#9 Coconuts are my life, even before they became a health fad. My go-to snack is usually a whole coconut, drink the water and then eat the flesh. Sounds gross, tastes amazing

#10 Wayne Rooney is my shouldn’t-but-I- would

#11 I have what is known as ‘clubbed thumb’. You can read all about it here. It’s a serious condition

#12 I hate bad eyebrows. I’ll stare at them in conversation if they’re really bad

#13 I actually prefer vegetarian food over meat based food, but until veggies create a decent alternative to bacon, there’s no way I’m making the transition

#14 I print out photos of everything. Although we live in a digital age, I love having physical photos and I collect them all in a box under my bed

#15 I really, really wish I could twerk without looking like a tit

#16 Wine gums are my favourite sweet ever. I’ll always pick them over anything else when they’re offered

Thanks for reading,

S x

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