15 Things Guys Do That Girls Don’t Like

I asked a bunch of my girl friends and boy friends what annoys them about the opposite/same sex, whether they’re in a relationship or not. I’m not talking about psychiatrist couch sort of issues, I mean little things that are annoying, we wish they wouldn’t do them, but we’ve accepted it.

I literally had an abundance of responses, and it was so funny to see the difference in complaining from each gender. As there were so many, I’ve split the answers into two posts; one for girls on the things that guys do, and one for guys on the things that girls do.

Again, this isn’t supposed to be sexist or anti-feminist or anything like that, it’s just funny to hear from both sides. I asked my straight, gay and lesbian friends to contribute.

Today, I give you, 15 things guys do that girls don’t like:

#1 When he blames any tiny mood swing on my ‘time of the month’

#2 Leaving the toilet seat up every time he uses the loo

#3 He snores so loudly it keeps me awake at night, then moans if I wake him up to roll over

#4 I don’t really get why he feels the need to dry hump me whenever he can

#5 We cuddle up to watch a film and he’s normally asleep within 10 minutes

#6 He farts and is either really proud if it’s loud, or he just stares at me if it’s silent and smells, and watches for my reaction

#7 He always opens news things because he can’t be bothered to find the already opened/ old one

#8 When he leaves the toilet door open when he’s peeing

#9 He thinks it’s really funny to dutch oven me at every opportunity

#10 When he thinks I don’t understand the actual timescale when he says he’s going out for one drink

#11 He pees with a boner in the morning, then doesn’t clean up the wee

#12 When he has to readjust himself in public, I don’t have to do it, why does he?!

#13 If my skin gets bad, he points out all my spots and refers to them as my ‘friends’

#14 He holds on when driving so hard that he gets white knuckles, but has crashed his own car four times. I’ve never crashed

#15 He picks his spots in the bathroom, and leaves the remains on the mirror

Thanks for reading,
S x

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