15 Things Girls Do That Guys Don’t Like

This is past two of this blog feature, the first one can be found here.

To recap, I asked a bunch of my girl friends and boy friends what annoys them about the opposite/same sex, whether they’re in a relationship or not. I’m not talking about psychiatrist couch sort of issues, I mean little things that are annoying, we wish they wouldn’t do them, but we’ve accepted it.

I literally had an abundance of responses, and it was so funny to see the difference in complaining from each gender. As there were so many, I’ve split the answers into two posts; one for girls on the things that guys do, and one for guys on the things that girls do.

Again, this isn’t supposed to be sexist or anti-feminist or anything like that, it’s just funny to hear from both sides. I asked my straight, gay and lesbian friends to contribute.

Today, I give you, 15 things guys do that girls don’t like:

#1 Orders something healthy and then chows down on my greasy pile of meat

#2 When she asks me to buy anything feminine – make-up, tampons, skincare – I’m bound to get it wrong

#3 Moaning about FIFA/ Playstation, I don’t moan about her doing her make-up

#4 Singing louder than radio, when it’s a song I actually want to listen to

#5 Never being able to answer the question; ‘what do you want to eat?’

#6 Where she’s angry about something.. but you don’t understand why.. your mind cannot fathom why.. but she’s kinda pissed… and she’s telling you why she’s pissed and you’re like… okay I’m sorry…but deep down YOU HAVE NO IDEA WHY SHE’S ANGRY… and that annoys her more… because it’s like you’re just saying sorry… but you just want to eat your dinner

#7 Wearing Kitten Heels, they’re just so horrible

#8 She tells me she has a bad stomach, farts silently, doesn’t tell me and I find out my own way

#9 When she leaves the toilet door open when she’s peeing

#10 She always starts conversations with me when I left the room 5 minutes ago

#11 She makes me feel guilty for ordering a lot of food from a takeaway

#12 She drives like a maniac (this is from the male in a relationship with #14 from my girls on guys post, which makes it even funnier)

#13 She always asks me if I think she’s gained weight, ignores my answer and comes back with a handful of crisps/sweets/chocolate

#14 She has thousands of pairs of trackies, but will pull my freshly washed ones out the cupboard to wear

#15 She uses my razor for her legs, and she leaves hair on it

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