11 Things We Dislike Doing In Front Of Our Partners

There are some things we really dislike doing in front of our partners, I’m not talking about the obvious (no, you will never be able to have a poop while I’m in the shower), I’m talking about the personal things we hate doing. They’re different for everyone so, as I’m a sharer, I wanted to talk about some of these things to see if anyone else feels the same.

Much like this previous list post, this is a mix of things I, personally, hate doing, as well as contributions from others that I have spoken to. They’re from both men and women, and this isn’t supposed to be sexist or anything, so please don’t take it as that way. If you do, bore off.

Let’s get into it…

1. Putting awkward items of clothing on. For example, closing the poppers between your legs when wearing a body is neither elegant or classy, neither is hoisting a pair of tights up to your chin.

2. Farting. No one wants to do it, but when you sneeze/ cough/ laugh/ run up the stairs with a bad stomach it’s bound to happen sooner or later

3. Bringing up the ex. What is the point of doing this? No one wants to be compared, or feel inadequate and, most importantly, to your current partner, you have no previous partners.

4. Getting really drunk. It’s happened to us all, so just accept it, rub their back and move on.

5. Buying tampons. This is obviously one from a girl, if it was from a guy I’d be slightly disturbed.

6. Talking about periods. It’s not something you can really justify discussing over a romantic meal in the middle of a restaurant. Over Whatsapp with your friends? Hell yeah.

7. Getting overly emotional. Drink or hormone induced, we all regret it as soon as it’s said.

8. Having a mare. Whether it’s taking it out on our other halves or just venting in general, it’s the side we keep hidden for our parents and our friends, and when it rears its ugly head there is no controlling it.

9. Pooping. Holding it in for as long as possible because you and your partner are new and you can’t be the one to broach the subject. Ultimately giving the game away anyways when your stomach starts sounding like a cat is dying in your lower stomach. We give you, the poo cramp.

10. Building things/ partaking in a bit of DIY. This has resulted in many an argument for a lot of people by the sounds of it. Flat-pack Ikea furniture is clearly a no-no.

11. Parking. The sharp intakes of breath, the white knuckle grip on the seats while the other half is normally only driving at 2mph. Chill. Out.

Thanks for reading,

S x

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