11 Things I Do To Unwind

#1 Run. Yes, I know this sounds strange to some, but if I’m stressing and have a lot of things going round my head sometimes pounding the concrete relieves some of my worries

#2 Pamper. Whether it’s my Lush facemask, or just a double cleanse, tone and moisturise, I feel so much better cleaning my face

#3 Cleaning. I know this is another strange one, but cleaning my room makes me focus on something other than what’s going on in my head, plus it means I get a tidy room for a change


#4 Read. My Kindle is my life-saver if I’m feeling tense, even if I only read it for an hour or so, it completely gets me out of whatever moody zone I’m in

#5 Bath. A long, boiling one, I like to soak my stresses away

#6 iPod. Plug in, turn the volume up and BAM, no one can talk to me, I can’t hear anything and I’m in my own little grump zone

#7 Bake. I’m not actually that good at it, but I like to give it a go, and if the end result is decent then it’s a win-win situation

#8 Netflix. Bingeing. Doesn’t really need an explanation for this one

#9 Eat. I’m not being funny but 90% of the time I’m hangry, so if I eat, I almost always feel better

#10 Write. Whether it’s a blog post (I don’t recommend this as anger does come across in writing), a diary (yes I still have one), or a letter to yourself, just write it down and throw it away, you don’t need the reminder when you cheer yourself up

#11 Moan. The best medicine is often to just let it all out. Make sure you moan with someone who isn’t going to wind you up more though

Thanks for reading,
S x

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