Shower Essentials In My Gym Bag

I like to shower as soon as possible after the gym, I hate the idea of the sweat you’ve just got rid of being left to dry and sucked back into your body and blocking all your pores (nice image for you there) – it’s just nasty. Therefore, I thought I’d share all the products I deem ‘essential’ for my post-gym shower.

Gym Bag Essentials 1

1. Getting in the Shower

This might sound weird to a lot of people, but I wear flip flops when showering at the gym. The amount of people who walk all over the shower room floor (which is basically a wet room) and God only knows how often it’s actually scrubbed from top to bottom, and I just don’t like the thought of it.

Gym Bag Essentials 2

2. In the Shower

I pretty much have the basics, shampoo and conditioner, a razor (never pay full price for these, they’re always on offer at Boots), exfoliating gloves and, at the moment, I am obsessed with the Nivea Indulging Moisture Orange. I’ve noticed in some Boots it’s also called ‘Happy Time’ but either way the smell of this stuff is just incredible and it’s so cheap! A bottle lasts forever so it’s well worth the investment.

Gym Bag Essentials 3

3. Post Shower

My post-shower routine is shaped depending on how much time I have. I wash my hair a max of twice per week, ever since I’ve done it, it’s gotten stronger, looks healthier and feels better, so don’t judge me for it. I also go to the gym five times a week, you fancy washing your hair five times a week? Nah, neither do I. Regardless of if I wash my hair or not, post-shower I apply a generous amount of hair protector, to make sure that it’s kept in good condition and to try and reduce breakage when I brush. My favourite brush to use after the shower is my Tangle Teezer. It reduces breakage and helps break up knots easily. I’ve also just seen that they’ve bought a new one out for curly hair – I need this in my life. After this, if it isn’t a wash day, sometimes, a little help is needed so I always keep a bottle of dry shampoo so my hair has a bit of volume and life to it. I wear my hair up 95% of the time, so I always keep a couple of hair ties and Kirby grips in my bag to help tame the mane. Finally, post-shower, I will always, always, apply some anti-perspirant and spray a bit of deodorant. I use the heavy duty Sure Women Maximum Protection Anti-Perspirant but the bottle is battered so wasn’t photo-worthy, and I then spray Sure Women Shower Fresh Deodorant* as I really love the smell of it, smells really fresh and, as it has MotionSense technology, when you move throughout the day you get a whiff of it all over again.

That’s pretty much it! It’s all I need. Every now and again I do apply makeup, but with hayfever kicking in full speed there really isn’t much point as I rub it all off during the day. I guess the other essentials would be other clothes to change into, but that’s basically a given, isn’t it? I’m not going to leave the gym in my birthday suit…

Thanks for reading,

S x

Products marked with an * have been sent to me for review, however any views or opinions are 100% my own

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