Results with Lucy; Wobble to Model Plan*


This weekend I will be starting the Results with Lucy; Wobble to Model plan and I wanted to share my thoughts of the plan with you guys.


Please note, I do not feel like I ‘wobble’ when I walk or anything like that, it’s what I was recommended to try.

Results with Lucy 1

The Lowdown

Plan Name: Wobble to Model

Duration: 6-week programme

Cost: £39 (guaranteed results or your money back)

Best for: Intermediate, for those who regularly exercise and are reasonably fit.

Results: It’s designed to challenge fitness levels over the six weeks, resulting in the loss of excess weight and focussing on building muscle strength.

What the plan includes: 6-week intermediate plan, progressive workouts, daily meal plans and nutrition guidance,7 cleanse and cellulite reduction guide and an eating out guide.

Equipment needed: A mat (or carpet for at-home workouts), Dumbbells or Kettlebells (or weighted products such as water bottles or tinned food for at-home), a skipping rope (or the motion) and a towel (for sweaty bettys)

Starting Thoughts


Chest 80cm

Arms 27cm

Waist 70cm

Stomach 77cm

Hips 81cm

Bottom 89cm

Thigh 45cm

I’ve heard a lot about online fitness programmes, and they’re incredibly popular with people who sometimes struggle to get to the gym. You might remember that I previously tried the Emily Skye plan, and I loved the fact I could still work out at home if I didn’t make it to the gym.

Results with Lucy is the UK’s leading online fitness and nutrition websites, with over 250,000 female subscribers. For those unaware, Lucy used to be on TOWIE (back in the day) and since then she’s utilised her fame (sensibly, in my opinion) to team up with her PT Cecila Harris to create the website.

Results with Lucy 2

Some of the companies USPs include the variety of workout videos, the cost of the plans (with some starting at as little as £14 per month), the nutritional guidance and the constant access. For me, the fact that it has everything under one ‘roof’ makes it incredibly appealing. Whether you visit the website to workout, to grab a healthy recipe or to see some inspirational posts, it’s an easy to navigate website. You can choose a ‘plan’ for tailored results to you, or there is also and ‘on demand’ option for those who need help with sporadic workouts.

Results with Lucy 3

From a first impressions point of view, the website is easy to navigate, it’s good that you get a daily meal plan (if following) as well as supportive/ motivating daily content.

I’m really, really excited to see what this plan entails. I find, as long as you’re personally motivated, having an online plan is just as good as paying mega bucks to have a personal trainer. You just need to remember that what you put into a plan, is what you get out of it.

For the first day, you have to take a fitness test, which is basically to see whether your fitness is improving as well as pointing out what your strengths/ weaknesses are. I decided to take this test in advance as I knew I wouldn’t have time to do both on day one.

These are my results:

Wall Squat

2 minutes 22 seconds (excellent for a female)

Press Up

27 in one minute (excellent for a female)


1 minute 41 seconds (average for a female)

Squat Jumps

24 in one minute (N/A)

I’ll be updating my journey half way through (around the three-week mark) to let you guys know how I’m finding it so far, along with a post at the end for results. I’ll also be posting recipes I try from the plan on my Instagram, so make sure to follow on there for updates. Wish me luck!

Have you ever tried a Results With Lucy plan? What did you think?

Thanks for reading,

S x


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