Results with Lucy Wobble to Model* – Midway Point

I’m halfway through my Results with Lucy Wobble to Model plan. I can’t actually believe how quickly this has come around!

I’m really, really enjoying the workouts. Some days are easier than others, but there is never a workout that feels like you haven’t done anything. Although it’s normally only an hour max, you are sweating for the duration of it. Not even a little bit either, it’s pretty gross.

RWL Wobble To Model

One of my favourite things about each day plan is that it is split into smaller workouts. Before this plan, I used to go to the gym and spend about 30 or 40 minutes on cardio and then another 30 to 40 minutes on weights. Now, it’s 10 minutes’ intense workout on different body parts and it makes time at the gym go so quickly.

Minimal, and when I say minimal, I mean it, equipment is needed. For some days you’ll need a couple of dumbbells (which can be swapped for bottles of water at home) or a kettlebell (again, adjusted to a bag or box at home), a skipping rope (great if you have one, not a necessity) and a mat or a carpet at home.

The fact that the workouts are adjustable to at home and gym is definitely a bonus point for this plan. If I stay late at work or can’t get to the gym for whatever reason, it’s almost easier to pop the workout onto the computer and do it in my front room. It’s just as sweaty, you work just as hard but you don’t have to worry about others staring at you.

In terms of food, I haven’t really been following Lucy’s plan as I eat pretty well anyway. However, I have taken inspiration from the recipes available. I tried the Turkey and Avocado Bagel, and the Beef Curry and I am definitely going to try the Tuna, Chickpea and Hummus salad in the near future. Although I don’t use it, I’m a big fan of food plans being included in workouts as I think they provide the guidance people need who aren’t particularly food and fitness savvy.

The main question though, am I noticing a difference? It’s hard to say as I find with most workout plans you don’t really see results until the six-week mark. On a daily plan basis, though, I do feel good after I’ve done them, I can feel (and sometimes see) my muscles workout, I’m knackered after so I know I’ve worked hard and I get that post-workout endorphin rush.

Favourite Workout (so far): The Perfect 10.

As it was midweek on Monday, I had to re-do the fitness test I took when I started the plan. The improvement in each was actually pretty decent!

Wall Squat

November 1st: 2 minutes 22 seconds

November 21st: 2 minutes 57 seconds

Improvement: +35 seconds

Press Up

November 1st: 27 in one minute

November 21st: 35 in one minute

Improvement: +8


November 1st: 1 minute 41 seconds

November 21st: 2 minutes 33 seconds

Improvement: +52 seconds

Squat Jumps

November 1st: 24 in one minute

November 21st: 30 in one minute

Improvement: +6

I think the real results will be in the measurements, which I’ll be taking at the end of the plan, and whether or not I can see a difference. Six weeks is a decent amount of time to start seeing even minor results, so it’ll be the defining moment.

RWL Wobble To Model

There are some things I have noticed which I find slightly annoying:

1) It isn’t an app. Every time you want to use the website on a mobile device you have to access the website and log in this way. It’s not the end of the world, an app would just be easier. On top of this? It eats your data. Seriously. I’ve actually had to buy more this month as I’m using this at the gym so often.

2) You have to listen to everything. Working out in a noisy gym, with space-limiting headphones meant I had to have the videos on loud and position it in front of me. A couple of times I missed the end part of the PT or Cecilia telling me to redo the exercises and had to play it back.

3) This leads me onto my next point. It would be nice if one of the (helpful!) drop down menus for each day included a list of each exercises. The videos are incredibly useful, but it’d be nice to read that you need to repeat three or four times to complete the workout.

4) I’ve noticed that Cecilia does some of the workouts barefoot, but I find this too painful on my ankles so I still change into my gym kit regardless of whether I’m doing it at home or at the gym. Be aware of this if you have injuries.

I’ll do a final post at the end of the six weeks with results and measurements etc. I did take photos but I’m one of those people who don’t like plastering their semi-naked bodies all over the internet. I know right, who knew they still existed?!

Thanks for reading,

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