Results With Lucy – Wobble To Model Final Thoughts*

I’ve finally come to the end of the six week Results with Lucy Wobble to Model plan. It’s actually been a really fun six weeks and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the exercises. You can find my first thoughts, and how I felt at the midway point via the posts here and here.

RWL Final Thoughts

The plan has both positives and negatives, as all plans do, but the positives definitely outweigh the negatives.


I can’t stress enough how good it is to be able to do these workouts at home and at the gym. When there are days that I didn’t want to get out of bed to run or couldn’t get to the gym for whatever reason, I could pop home, get changed and do this work out in my front room.

It hurt. After the intense squat sessions I could feel my glutes working, after the ab workouts my stomach ached when I tried to get up, you really feel the workouts deep in your muscles.

The videos helped you perfect your form and, ultimately, made the workouts more intense.

The difference of daily workouts kept me engaged and interested. Sometimes I get bored trying to work out the different moves I can do to target muscle groups, and this had so much variety that I never got bored or skipped a workout.

You feel really good when you know you’ve done every day. Having the weekly countdown when you log in and seeing the days go by incentivised me to keep going.

The fitness tests were a really nice touch. Seeing the results rather than just hoping for the best made me feel like I was getting the results I wanted.

The encouragement of rest days was a massive thing for me. Too many people think that they need to work out every day and go full throttle in order to see results. The truth is, if you work hard enough when you do workout, and do the right exercises in the correct way, it’s more beneficial than going all-out seven days a week. Rest is so important as it ensures our body and muscles recover, which is needed if we want to keep going.

RWL Final Thoughts


I really think it would benefit from having an app. Logging in online and having to navigate the website is a pain in the arse (excuse the pun) on a phone and when the pages don’t load it’s quite frustrating. The amount of data it eats when WIFI isn’t present continues to be a pet peeve for me.

The length of the videos need to be explained more, for example why certain days are longer/ harder than others. Some days are intense, 50 minutes of full-on exercise, and other days are just under 30 minutes (without warm up or cool down) and it doesn’t feel as hard. I often repeated videos to make sure I felt it. I know that HIIT can be done in 30 minutes, but compared to the harder days it felt almost too easy.

I love the helpful videos, but I think listing each of the exercises below, along with how many reps/ the duration of each would help out a lot. Doing the workouts in a noisy gym means sometimes I missed repetitions and had to stop and play the final minute back.

It would be good if there was a ‘tick’ function. When you’d done the day you get a virtual stamp or something like that. It spurs me on when I know that I’m done and, although I get that feeling from completing the workouts, it would be good to see that it was done. This is just personal preference though.

RWL Final Thoughts

Additional comments:

I went in on the Intermediate level, but there are also tailored plans for beginners and experts, which allows any one, at any fitness level, to get started without feeling intimidated.

For those who struggle with meal plans and food when working out, the Wobble to Model plan comes with daily meal plans, recipe ideas and weekly shopping lists, making it easy to sort your diet out as well as your workouts.

I had a few technical issues which were on my end and the speed of the customer services team was amazing, there is always support there in case you need it.

There is an online social community, #RWLFITTIES, where everyone is supportive, offer tips and advice, share experiences and transformations and it’s a real booster if you’re feeling down for any reason.

Some of the videos seem to cut short at the end, which meant I had to rewind a couple of times to work out if the video had actually finished but from what I could see, they do seem to end at that time, the ‘end talking’ has been cut off though.

RWL Final Thoughts

Final Results:

Measurements from start to finish:


Then: 80cm – Now: 78cm


Then: 27cm – Now: 28cm


Then: 70cm – Now: 66cm


Then: 77cm – Now: 74cm


Then: 81cm – Now: 79cm


Then: 89cm – Now: 91cm


Then: 45cm – Now: 43cm

Fitness test results from start to finish:

Wall Squat

3 minutes 3 seconds (excellent for a female)

Press Up

40 in one minute (excellent for a female)


1 minute 54 seconds (average for a female)

Squat Jumps

25 in one minute (N/A)

Overall, I would recommend the Results with Lucy plans to anyone who wanted to get started on a fitness plan. I would definitely suggest trying one of the plans out if you know you have an important occasion or a dress you want to fit into.

You need to remember that fitness progress and transformations take time. It’s well known that it takes four weeks for you to notice changes in your body, eight weeks for friends/ family/ those closest to you to notice changes and twelve weeks for everyone to notice. You need to give it time and put in the effort in order to see the results. These fitness plans are there to help you, but they won’t stop you from cheating in terms of food or skipping a day, it’s all down to mentality and discipline. You can still have a treat every now and again, but if you know you’re going to have a cheat meal or a few drinks, make sure you work out in the morning or the day before so you can indulge without feeling guilty.

Thanks to Results with Lucy and her team for giving me the chance to try out this plan. You can purchase the Wobble to Model plan (£39), and others, on the Results with Lucy website.

Thanks for reading,

S x

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