Five Favourite Porridge Toppings

I don’t know if I’ve spoken of my obsession with porridge before but to put it bluntly, I could eat porridge all day err’ day. I love all the different flavour combinations you can create in terms of topping, I love that it’s a slow release carb perfect for pre or post workout and it’s low in sugar, salt and fat. It’s a win-win food in my mind.

To make porridge taste 1) better and 2) more exciting, I thought I’d share five of my favourite porridge toppings with you all.

Porridge Toppings

Apple and Blueberry Reduction

This Apple and Blueberry reduction is the daddy of all fruit combos. I buy a pack of frozen blueberries, throw in four diced pears (with the skin on), two teaspoons of cinnamon and I boil that badboy for about 30 minutes, or until the liquid has reduced significantly. I then leave to cool, and the reduction goes really sticky and lovely (full recipe here). You can reheat this to add a mixture of temperatures with cool yoghurt, or throw it in with your porridge for an indulgent tasting, yet good-for-you, addition to porridge.

Cinnamon and Raisin

Cinnamon is a spice which is known to help speed up metabolism, so I like to cook with it whenever I can. For a super easy, quick flavour injection into your porridge, stir through some raisins with a teaspoon or two (I like my flavours to be strong) of cinnamon. If you’re concerned about portion control for the raisins, do what I do and buy a pack of the eight kids lunchbox packs. Portion control all done for you.

Porridge Toppings

Banana and MyProtein Sugar-Free Maple Syrup

I bought the MyProtein Sugar-Free Syrup on a whim one day as I needed a new protein shaker and it turned out to be a really decent purchase! The flavour is pretty intense, so you don’t need to add much, but teamed with banana  it’s perfect for breakfast or as a post-workout meal.

Frozen Mixed Berries

An understated classic, not only do berries add a sweet touch to porridge without the need of pure sugar, but the fact they’re frozen cools your porridge down to edible temperature really quickly. It doesn’t have to be frozen berries either. If you visit the frozen fruits aisle in your nearest supermarket there is an abundance of fruit packs that you can mix through.

Porridge Toppings

Dark Chocolate and Strawberries

I used to really, really hate dark chocolate, but I’m now obsessed with it. To make your porridge fancy, break up a couple of pieces of Green & Blacks 70% Organic Dark Chocolate (or whatever dark chocolate you have) and throw in some strawberries. I love the contrast of the bitter chocolate with the sweet strawberries, it’s so good.

What do you top yours with? Let me know!

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