Fitness On Trial: Proskins ACTIVE Women’s Leggings*

Originally I was going to include the Proskins ACTIVE Women’s Leggings* in another post, but after wearing them and trying them out I felt like I had to give them their own post.

I’ve spoken about my life for the Proskins range before on A Blonde Lifestyle, but a new range requires a new review, and I was lucky enough to be sent a pair to test.

The Proskins Active range includes six pieces of kit, five leggings and one sports bra. They’re designed to be comfortable and to help the wearer to keep going when it comes to whatever exercise they’re doing. When looking at the range, I’m so pleased that some colours and prints have been injected into the design process, they’re so much nicer to look at (and wear) compared to your standard black gym kit.

What the Website Says:

Proskins Active Run Leggings are the perfect all round workout / sport legging. The high technology fabric is muscle supportive, sweat wicking and enhances blood flow. Providing maximum comfort, muscle performance and reduces muscle fatigue.

Proskins Active

Benefits include:

Adjustable Fit: Features an internal draw cord for a secure fit. Added extra of a zip pocket to the waistband is perfect to secure necessities.

Compression Fit: Enhances the blood flow to allow oxygen to circulate to the muscles more efficiently, reduced post exercise muscle stiffness. Read more about compression in my previous post.

Comfortable Fit: This lightweight fabric has a 4-way stretch for maximum comfort, guaranteeing they are perfect for wearing during your workout.

Micro-Climate: Due to the garments ability to body map moisture to or from the yarns, the leggings will either wick away sweat or trap the heat; regulating your body temperature to 37°C.

Moisture Management: The moisture removal system wicks sweat away from the body keeping you dry and comfortable.

Silver Anti-Bacterial Treatment: Keeps fabric clean and odour free for extended wear and improved garment lifetime.

Proskins Active

First Impressions – Out the Bag

I went for the Active Women Run Leggings with Zig Zag Print Panel as, although I loved all the bright coloured trousers, I wasn’t sure what they’d look like on me (sometimes prints make my bum look big). First impressions taking them out the delivery bag was that they have that quality feel which I love about the Proskins range. The material is soft to touch, but stretchy, and they are so comfortable to wear. These leggings, although they look black, are actually a deep navy, with light blue stitching and a ZigZag print on the calves – this particular bit I really like. It adds a pop of colour to my workout wardrobe without being too in-your-face.

Proskins Active

Putting Them to The Test

As soon as I got these I needed to test them, so I went straight out for a four mile run. These leggings are exactly as I expected from the brand. They’re comfortable, they don’t hold onto sweat, nor do they cling to the lumps and bumps of the body. They don’t chafe on any areas (thank GOD for that) and they’re a really nice fit. I picked a size 8, which is perfect for me and the length of them finish just above the ankles. They’re not restrictive at all, nor do they ride up or fall down when running. Another handy new addition is a zipped compartment on the back of the legging, which is ideal for holding your keys. These leggings are also perfect for running outdoors in the winter. Whether it’s cold or even if it’s raining, they help to keep your legs dry and don’t let them get cold. I’ve also worn these in a spin class and again, the comfort of the leggings is incredible, they also seem to be wedgie proof which, in a spin class, is a key feature to note.

Proskins Active


I can’t stress enough how much I love these leggings. I’m desperate to try out the sports bra to see if it delivers the same results, but it’s another quality product I’ve been sent to review that I genuinely can’t fault. I would recommend the Proskins range over and over again and, if you’re a keen gym-goer or into your fitness, definitely check them out.

Thanks for reading,

S x


Products marked with an * have been sent to me for review, however any views or opinions are 100% my own

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