Fitness On Trial: Proskins ACTIVE Women Compression Leggings

Before I start on the review of the leggings themselves, I thought I’d explain what compression leggings are and how they differ from normal leggings.

Compression clothing differs to normal sports clothing as the material used has a higher rate of elastic properties. The amount of compression material used depends on 1) the item of clothing you’re buying (upper or lower body) and 2) the quantity of compression varies between different areas on the body. For example, in leggings, there is a different amount of compression/ elastic on the ankles compared to the thigh, which is linked to the amount of pressure that each joint exerts.

Compression is often used to treat circulatory issues as well as inflammation. You often see compressions stockings on hospital wards or used on aeroplanes. Change in climate and air (in planes), as well as the (potential) lack of walking, prevents blood flow around the body, so compression material is used to tighten areas and encourage blood flow again. It also works the same if you’re bed bound with a nasty flu for a week or so, investing in a pair of compression socks are supposed to stop any muscle injury or potential breakdown while they’re not being used.

In short, compression garments are designed to tighten the area it’s applied to, thus increasing blood flow to any problem areas, or to muscles in general. If you wear these post intense workout session, the product is designed to, ultimately, encourage recovery. Wearing compression garments during exercise produces the same effect, which is meant to help you to train harder while avoiding injury. Athletes have also been known to wear compression garments pre workout, to ensure muscles are in optimum condition for training.

From doing some research (check out this site and this site), this all sounds great, but there is very little scientific fact to back this up. I always think, although I’m no expert, if your body doesn’t want to do something, an item of clothing isn’t going to change its mind. Working out, for me anyway, is predominately mental and physical state – if these aren’t working together, it’s not going to go smoothly.


However, regardless of the missing scientific evidence, I like the idea of what compression leggings do. I hate not being able to train because I’ve pulled a muscle on weights or I’ve overdone it on a run, so if wearing compression leggings can help with this, I’m going to try it. When Proskins got in touch asking if I’d like to review a pair of their Active Women Black Compression Leggings*, I thought it would be good to put the material to the test.

What The Website Says

  • High performance clothing designed to be worn under all types of clothing or on their own

Benefits include:

  • Blood flow is enhanced and lactic acid is suppressed
  • High technology material
  • The fabric is made from a high technology yarn making it light, smooth, aerodynamic and exceptionally comfortable to wear, reduces muscle fatigue and enables quicker muscle recovery after sports
  • Muscle performance
  • Gives effective muscle group performance, thereby reducing muscle damage
  • Isotherm technology helps regulate your body temperature, wicking away sweat to keep you dry
  • Stay fresh silver acts as an antibacterial which helps keep Proskins fresh and prevents the build up of odour, extending garment wear


First impressions – Out The Bag

I requested a UK size 8, which, when I pulled them out of the bag, looked TINY, but I’d tackle that obstacle at a later date. The feel of these leggings are amazing, they contain Lycra, which made them incredibly soft to the touch but also stretchy. They also feel high quality (not sure if you can actually feel quality) so first impressions were positives.


First Impressions – Wearing

As I made my way upstairs I had to laugh as I thought there was no way in hell they were going to fit. I’m not a big size 8, but they looked tiny. You can imagine my surprise, then, when they fit perfectly. The Lycra allowed them to stretch over the contours of my body and, although they were figure hugging, they didn’t grab all my lumps and bumps (unlike my Nike ones). They don’t bunch at the ankle, knee or waist and didn’t result in a muffin top round my waist. I couldn’t stop touching the material (I know it’s weird, but when clothes shopping I have to touch everything) because it just made me feel so streamlined! I genuinely felt like stupid sexy Flanders.


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Putting It To The Test – Spin & Gym

I was optimistic wearing these to a spin class. I’ve found, in the past, wearing shiny material to a spin class makes my butt chaff. Disgusting but true. These, on the other hand, caused no chaffing at all, regardless of how much I hurtled on and off the seat. I then tried it out in a gym session, running three miles followed by 40 minutes of weights and again, they stayed tight to the body and didn’t move at all.



It’s difficult to say from a scientific level if these make me work harder or for longer, or if they speed up muscle recovery, but they’re comfortable, easy to wear in the gym and in classes and they don’t stay drenched in sweat or overheat you when wearing. I can’t actually fault these. They’re currently in the wash, so it’ll be interesting to see what they come out like after being put through its paces by the washing machine but I have serious high hopes. It sounds so sad, but I have told multiple people about these leggings because I genuinely feel that they should be a staple in any gym-goers wardrobe.

The range comes in a variety of styles and retails for £40 on the Proskins website. Some would argue that it’s pricey, but it’s so worth the money.

Thanks for reading,

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Products marked with an * have been sent to me for review, however any views or opinions are 100% my own


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