7 Tips for Your First Spin Class*

I used to hate spin classes, and now I can’t seem to stop doing them. I do at least two classes twice a week and I always feel so good once they’re over. Don’t get me wrong, the classes are a killer but when you burn over 500 calories per class and work your arms, glutes, legs and more – you can’t expect it to be easy.


  1. Stock Up On Water

You definitely do not want to dehydrate during this class, so a decent amount of water is a must-have. I always refill my bottle before going into a class. Take small sips over giant gulps throughout the class to avoid feeling nauseous.

  1. Wear Appropriate Clothing

I’ve worn shorts to a spin class before and oh lord, all the chaffing. It’s horrendous, wear leggings over shorts. I find a tight top over a baggy top is better as I don’t like the excess material flapping around when I’m jumping in and out of my seat.

  1. Take A Towel

A small towel is a necessity. Some people take face flannels but I find, depending on how hard you work, they get sweat-stained very quickly as they’re so small.

  1. Set Up the Bike Properly

Get there early to set up the bike properly. Your seat should be the same height as your hip, and (although I’ve heard a couple of different things) your handles should be just above the height of your seat, as it works your arms harder when/ if you do press ups. Make sure your feet are tightened securely so you avoid ankle injuries.

  1. Take It at Your Own Pace

When I first starting spinning I was WUBBISH. Fast forward a couple of months and I’ve (not to brag) had people mention that I’m pretty good at it. However, this definitely wasn’t always the case. Take each class at your own pace, otherwise you’ll either burnout, or cause unnecessary injury trying to keep up.



  1. Prepare to Sweat

Self-explanatory. You work hard, you work up a sweat. Don’t feel self-conscious, embrace it, it happens to everyone. It’s SO important to shower quite soon after a spin class. Sweat, mixed with moving about, mixed with drenched clothing is not good for your skin. If you can’t shower straight away, use skin-friendly anti-bacterial wipes and for more ‘personal’ hygiene, I’ve been loving the Femfresh* range. Seriously, not to get too graphic, but it gets very sweaty in the nether region and you’re prone to cystitis and other irritating things if you leave your foof in the warm, sweaty environment after spin. Your intimate skin is more delicate and sensitive, and the FemFresh range takes all of this into consideration. The little travel pack looks really cute and fits easily into any bag.

  1. Enjoy It

I can’t stress enough the feeling you get when the spin class is over, it makes you feel so good, so take it at your own pace and enjoy the class. It’s engaging, sometimes interactive and you work hard.

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