7 Healthy Food Swaps I Can’t Stop Eating

2015/2016 saw the rise in the healthy food swaps, and I have to admit, I embraced them. The idea that you can basically have your favourite cheat meal, but with sometimes a quarter or even half the amount of fat or calories makes me a happy bunny.

I thought I’d talk about my favourite healthy food swaps that have come out of the past year, and what dishes I’ve used them in.


Pasta < Veggie Pasta

Courgetti, Boodles, Sweet Potato Tagliatelle, you name it, I love it. I’ve always found that pasta does horrible things to my belly due to the high level of gluten, so I try to avoid as much as possible. The veggie alternatives are delicious, and cut out the stodginess of the pasta. The decrease of calories also means to can stock up on other ingredients like cheese and meat.

Recipe: Turkey Meatballs and Courgetti

Quark Mac N Cheese

Cream Cheese < Quark

I was only introduced to this a couple of months ago, and I love it. It has a slightly thinner consistency compared to Philadelphia, but it gives any dish the same creaminess without feeling like you’ve blown your fat intake for the week in one go.

Recipe: Gluten Free Low Fat Mac n Cheese

Sweet Potato Pizza

Pizza Bases < Veggie/ Low Carb Bases

This has been life changing. I am a sucker for pizza. Honestly, it’s my one vice. It’s that dish where you’re proud of how good you’ve been all week with gym and diet and someone suggests the Pizza Hut buffet and before you know it you’re four stone heavier and not even sorry. Swapping out normal pizza for gluten free wrap or pitta pizzas changed the way I viewed pizzas. Don’t get me wrong, I still love a bit of Domino’s when it’s cheat meal day, but these cure a craving for the other times in life. More recently, I made a sweet potato and squash base pizza and it was incredible. Veggies can literally be used in everything.

Recipe: Sweet Potato Pizza Base (I used this recipe)

This Month 8

Crisps < Popcorn

There isn’t much of an explanation for this one. Regardless of what flavour you like, savoury or sweet, popcorn is a (somewhat) healthy alternative to stuffing your face full of potato crisps. My favourite new find this year was the Metcalfes Honey Bee skinny popcorn. They packaged in portion sizes and help to get rid of a sweet craving.

Rice < Cauliflower Rice

I love a bit of rice. I’m a firm believer that carbs are a must-have in any diet. However, if I’ve been a bit heavy on the old carb intake, or if I’m on a rest day and want to be good, I love the Cauliflower rice sachets you can buy. Team this with your favourite stew or curry and, although it’s not quite the same, it’s still good, and guilt free!

Sausage Casserole 5

Meat < Quorn

My mum is a pescatarian, so this isn’t new territory for me. You can replace nearly all the traditional meat dishes with Quorn alternatives and they’re just as tasty. I love Quorn sausage sandwiches, Quorn fajitas, Quorn Escalopes…. Quorn Quorn Quorn Quorn Quorn.

Recipe: Quorn Sausage Casserole

Recipe #14

Pork Sausages < Chicken Sausages

I had a turkey sausage once and I hated it, it was full of grit (considering it’s meant to be a leaner meat) and it put me off anything but pork meat for years. Until I found Heck sausages. Heck Chicken Italia or Paprika chicken sausages taste amazing and they’re have virtually nothing bad in them.

Recipe: Sausage, Bean and Bacon Stew

There you have it, some healthy, simple food swaps you can make during your weekly shop which are better for your health.

Have you tried any of the above? Do you have any other suggestions?

Thanks for reading,

S x

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