The Worst People At The Gym

You see all types of people in the gym, in all shapes and sizes, but they’re all there with a personal goal that they want to achieve. Sometimes, being at the gym can be such an uplifting experience, and although you’re not working out as a group, you have the “community” spirit.

However, there are also those type of people at the gym who you hope you never turn into. I thought I’d share what I consider to be, the worst people at the gym.

Worst People

The Hog

You know the type I’m talking about. The people who spend an hour on one piece of equipment, or who jump from piece to piece but leave their stuff all over each. I understand, and appreciate, the need to superset at times. What I don’t understand, and certainly don’t appreciate, is the hogging of the equipment. I’ve jumped in on equipment in between other people’s sets, and I’ve also been told that it was being used when the person was half way across the room. Be considerate during busy times at the gym.

The Socialite

Guys and girls lifting their tops up to take pictures of rock hard (or often non-existent) abs, pouting in the mirror whilst flexing, snapchat videos, Instagram Live, the people who seem to be physically attached to their phones when working out. I hate this, purely because most of the time they’re taking up valuable mirror space, or chilling on equipment which could be used by someone who actually wants to work out.

The Sweaty Mess

I have nothing against the people who work hard in the gym. If you put the effort in, it’s inevitable that you’re going to sweat. What I can’t stand, is those who sweat all over equipment and have no consideration for the next user. It takes two seconds to wipe a machine down, and it doesn’t result in another gym-goer sitting in your DNA.

The Group

In my gym, it tends to be younger people who fall under this category. Groups of lads or girls who all take multiple sets on one piece of equipment. Three people doing three sets of 12 means you’re not going to be getting to that piece of equipment anytime soon. I also find it really frustrating when people jump on cardio equipment, walk really slowly and chat to each other. It can’t really be considered working out.

The Bitches

This is the worst one in my opinion, and it applies to guys and girls. The bitches. The guys/ girls who openly judge at the gym. Whether they’re laughing at technique, at what someone is wearing or what size they are – I’ve seen, and overhead, it all. It’s such disgusting behaviour to be so judgemental at the gym. Instead of laughing at technique, why not help them? Never judge someone on what they are wearing, you don’t know what personal circumstances are and always remember, people can lose weight and look better, but if you’re ugly on the inside you are buggered.

Thanks for reading,

S x

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