New Benefit Purchases

When I was younger, Benefit used to be my favourite brand. I would smother (literally) my play stick foundation all over my face for a night out, and it would not budge regardless of how sweaty I got.

As I got older, and started to prefer the more natural look in terms of make-up, I moved more towards MAC as my go-to brand. Eyeliner and a coloured lip became my main look. I wouldn’t say my love affair with Benefit ended though, as I still bought the odd thing here and there,  it was just on hiatus for a short while.


This changed, however, on holiday this year. In case you didn’t read it, the beard bought me the Benefit Do The Hoola mini kit just before we went away, and it was the only make-up I took to Mexico with me.

I loved the Hoola bronzer, as I’d already bought the big version, but the little brush that comes with it is PERFECT for contouring. It’s just so easy to create cheekbones which are never going to exist in real life. Anyway, I digress…

The only product from the set that I was sceptical to use was the ‘They’re Real’ mascara. When this mascara first came out, I snapped it up and was seriously, seriously disappointed. The formula just didn’t work for me. It flattened my curly lashes, clumped them together and they just looked awful.


However, having forgotten any other mascara and not wanting to wear falsies every day, I had no choice but to try it again.

Excuse the cringe, but that was the moment the game changed. I’m assuming the formula must’ve changed since it’s launched, as this time around my lashes looked lengthened, curled and the intensity of the colour was amazing.

As soon as I got home, I purchased a full-size one, but decided to go for something a little different as I wasn’t ready to give up my Too Faced BTS gospel mascara just yet.

I’d seen a few articles on how popular blue make-up is at the moment, and I remember this one image (can’t remember the publication) of a model with hazel-eyes wearing blue mascara and her eyes literally popped. Therefore, I decided to invest in the Beyond Blue version, and I’m so pleased I did. The pigment is incredible and it really make my eyes stand out. I’ve already raved about the formula above in this so you know the drill, but the colour makes this perfect for something different for a night out. I’m still not sure if I feel man enough to wear it during the day, but maybe one day when I grow a pair.


Another product I invested in was the newly launched Gimme Brow eyebrow gel in Light. Although it’s not a new product, the design had a revamp recently. I use my ABH pencil if I want a mega-groomed look, but for everyday taming this product is a must-have.


It’s tinted with colour, which means if you have any light blonde hairs in brow gaps this clings to them, giving the appearance of a fuller brow. Once it sets, your brows will not move until you remove it with make-up. I also love the cute little brush, much easier to use than the mascara size heads most other gels come with.

I think it’s now safe to say that I’ll be paying more attention to the new launches from Benefit in the future…

Do you own any of the above? What do you think of them?

Thanks for reading,
S x

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