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I put my hands up, I am no beauty expert. I know what products work for me, and I can make recommendations for others, but when it comes to being artistic with makeup ON MAH FACE, I’m rubbish. I do my makeup my own way and it works for me. Everyday makeup takes about 10 minutes, going out makeup can take FOREVER. I don’t wear a lot of make up to work, nor at the weekends really. The amount I go to the gym I need to keep my skin clear otherwise I break out far too much – and makeup doesn’t help that.

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There are days, however, when I wish I was amazing with a makeup brush. I spend most nights trawling through Youtube looking at makeup tutorials but am too scared to try them out.

I’ve vowed to myself, though, to make more effort with makeup when I’m going out. I want to copy some of my favourite tutorials to see if I can recreate them.

I thought I’d share some of my favourite Youtube makeup tutorials – and channels – with you today.

Monika Blunder

I came across Monika Blunder’s Youtube page when I was scrolling through one day and saw her ‘Bronze Evening Makeup with Phoebe Tonkin’ video and after that I couldn’t stop watching. My favourite videos are these:

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Lisa Eldridge

I have loved Lisa Eldridge for a longggggg time. I love the mix of high street and high end makeup, the simplicity of some tutorials which still manage to have an amazing end result and the fact she teams these with favourites videos as well as some extreme make up looks.

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Charlotte Tilbury

She’s all over every blog and magazine at the moment thanks to her amazing makeup range (which I’m still yet to venture into – damn you house saving), so I can’t not include Charlotte Tilbury. I love her older videos, which use high street and high end makeup, as well as her latest tutorials which predominately focus on her own products – how can she make me want to buy the whole range so easily?!

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Batalash Beauty

I don’t remember how I found Batalash Beauty’s Youtube channel but I’m so, so, SO glad I did. It’s three different MUA’s under one roof but I mainly watch Samantha’s as I can’t actually get enough of this girl’s tutorials. She covers it all; date night, in-your-face colour explosion to Halloween makeup. Not only are her tutorials in-depth, she seems so down to earth and friendly and I WANT TO BE HER FRIEND. Also, her hair is always amazing. It’s just a shame that sometimes the products she uses aren’t available in the UK 🙁

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Do you have any recommendations for Youtubers worth following? Let me know if you do!

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